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Acknowledgements Vol 40

Martin Sugarman

<plain_text><page sequence="1">ADDENDUM Martin Sugarman writes, in connection with his article entitled 'Confounding the enemy: Jewish RAF Special Operators in radio counter measures with 101 Squadron, September 1943-1945', JTLS 37 (2002) 219, that the number 1620582, the name Augustus and the address in Chardmore Road, in the entry on Tomas/Tomachepolsky, relate to a brother who survived the war, so are to be deleted here. In addition, in connection with his article entitled 'More than just a few: Jewish pilots and aircrew in the Battle of Britain', JHS 38 (2003) 192-3,203, he reports that the son of Alfred Lammers, DFC, RAF, wrote to him in March 2005 to inform him that Lammers' family were neither Jewish nor Jewish by descent. Readers should note this and alter statistics in the article accordingly. 240</page></plain_text>

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