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A New Starr of Huntingdon

Herbert Loewe

<plain_text><page sequence="1">8. A New Starr of Huntingdon A Starr relating to Great Paxton (a village close to the Papworth Settlement), Co. Huntingdon, has recently been discovered in the Library of Lincoln Cathedral: it is the only one as yet known in connection with this county. A facsimile and annotated translation will appear in vol. iii of Canon Foster's Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln and I am indebted to Canon Foster for permission to give the text and translation here. The Latin document1 is a grant by Thomas, son of William of Paxton, to Master Reginald of Bath, Rector of Paxton, of six tracts (selions) of land in the field of Paxton. The date must be after November 11, 1233, when Reginald of Bath was instituted Rector of Paxton, and before 1240.2 It runs as follows:? Text of Charter Sciant presentes 7 futuri quod ego Thoma filius Willelmi de Paxton' . dedi 7 concessi 7 hac presenti carta mea con firmaui magistro Reginaldo de Bathon' . rectori ecclesie de Paxton' . pro homagio 7 seruicio suo 7 pro .xx*1. solidis 5 sterlingorum quos michi dedit in gersummam ?illos sex seillones terre mee in campo de Paxton' . qui iacent apud le Northbroc 1 The classmark is Lincoln Cathedral, Orig. Dij./90/3/14 and it is attached to the Hebrew document, Orig. Dij./90/3/13. 2 For geographical, historical and palseographical notes, readers are referred to my description in the forthcoming volume of the Registrum.</page><page sequence="2">82 MISCELLANIES. inter terram persone eiusdem ville 7 terram Walteri Cole . 7 abutant ex una parte apud le Northbroch . 7 ex altera parte ad foreram 7 terram meam . Tenendos 7 habendos de 10 me 7 de heredibus meis sibi 7 heredibus suis . 7 cui assignare uel dare uoluerit libere . 7 quiete . integre 7 hereditarie Reddendo inde annuatim michi 7 heredibus meis duos denarios semper ad festum sancti Michaelis . pro omni seruitio seculari. consuetudine 7 exactione uel demanda ad me 7 a(i heredes 15 meos pertinente . Ego uero Thoma 7 heredes mei waranti zabimus prenominato magistro Reginaldo 7 heredibus suis uel assignatis eius prenominatam terram per predictum seruitium contra omnes homines J feminas imperpetuum . vt autem hec mea donatio J concessio rata sit J perpetuam 20 obtineat firmitatem * presens scriptum sigilli mei impressione muniui . Hiis testibus . dominis . Johanne Daco . Willelmo de Le . yuone le Moyne . Gileberto filio . Johannis de Paxton' . Seyero dispensario . Ricardo . filio . persone . Henrico . filio . Normanni . Symone clerico . 7 aliis. Translation Know all present and to come that I, Thomas, son of William of Paxton, have given and conceded and by this, my present charter, confirmed to Master Reginald of Bath, the Rector of the Church of Paxton, in return for his homage and service and for twenty shillings sterling which he gave me as earnest, those six selions of my land in the field of Paxton, which lie at the Northbrook between the land of the parson of this ville and the land of Walter Cole, and they abut from the one side at the Northbrook and from the other side towards the furrow (or headland) and my land. To have and to hold from me and my heirs, by him and his heirs and by him, whomsoever, to whom he may wish to assign or to give it, freely and quietly, completely and by heritage, by paying henceforward every year to me and to my heirs two pennies always at the Feast of St. Michael, for all secular service, custom and exaction or demand belonging to me and to my heirs. But I, Thomas, and my heirs, will warrant to the aforenamed</page><page sequence="3">A NEW STARR OF HUNTINGDON. 83 Master Reginald and to his heirs or assigns the aforementioned land for the said service against all men and women in perpetuity. But so that this my gift and concession may be ratified and obtain perpetual confirmation, I have strengthened the present writing by the imprint of my seal. These being witnesses: Domini, John Dacus; William of Ley; Ivo LeMoyne; Gilbert, son of John of Paxton; Seir the steward; Richard, son of the Parson; Henry, son of Norman; Simon the clerk; and others. The Hebrew Starr is a release by Diaia,3 son of Miles,4 to Master (3"l5) Reginald of Bath, XtttPTD Persone (Parson) of Great Paxton, of any claim which Diaia had against Reginald in respect of two acres of land in the fields of Great Paxton, by reason of any debt or claim which Diaia had against Thomas, son of William, from whom Reginald acquired the said land. p kiwtd nxan um an1? tti?d *o *?a*? snr i p npb nt^x ypnp tnpx tip rfrnin xnatppa 2 ?*tnn *axi rfrnin xnwpa man xa"1?^ p 3 ypnpn mix *?y rarrn ein an *?y nsnsft *?an x*? * wow ^ rrrro nisTsn am nw maya nxiaan5 ??? *?aix x1? nnx xan *?ai ^xi nxnan? tnn an*? nxiaan ypnpn *?y nyny1? 7 ypnp mixi maa xan *?a*? x*?i? rprm? am *?a? maa xan *?aVi rarrpVi i1? mnaa $6 wnn? nai mnnn *?a *po ny oVi? nxnaa 10 Text of Starr nxiaan t??aia *?y *b ^ 3 A shorter form of Deus-aie, 'May God help,'?the motto of William the Conqueror. The Hebrew form is sometimes Y ehoshayah. See Loewe, Starrs, ii. p. 166. 4 Miles or Milo frequently occurs as a Jewish name in the records and in Hebrew is written T'HD. No Diaia, son of Miles, is known. 5 The title Rabbi was sometimes applied in courtesy to Christians. See Loewe, 2*6. p. xlix. 6 This is an insertion between the line3.</page><page sequence="4">84 miscellanies. Translation 1 Be it known to all that I have released Rav Renot de Bah, Persone of 2 Paxton the Great, [in respect of] two acres of land which he took from 3 Thomas, son of William, in the field[s] of Paxton the Great: and I and my heirs 4 shall not be able to claim against Rav Renot and his heirs with regard to that land 5 that is designated, by reason of any debt or claim which I had against Thomas 6 that is designated; and neither I nor any attorney of mine shall be able to [el'] 7 claim upon that land, that is designated, against Rav Renot 8 nor against any attorney of his. And that land 9 have I released to him and to his heirs and to every attorney of 6 his, from every debt which was 9a to me against Thomas, who has been designated, 10 from the creation of the world to the end of all generations. And what I have acknowledged 11 I have written and signed. (Diaia, son of Miles.) Herbert Loewe.</page></plain_text>

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