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A List of Jews and Their Households in London, Extracted from the Census Lists of 1695

Arthur P. Arnold

<plain_text><page sequence="1"></page><page sequence="2"></page><page sequence="3"></page><page sequence="4">A LIST OF JEWS AND THEIR HOUSEHOLDS IN LONDON Extracted from the Census Lists of 1695 by Arthur P. Arnold, M.A. At the time of the Census of 1695, the City of London Within the Walls comprised 97 parishes and the City of London Without the Walls 13, the latter being again subdivided into a number of precincts. As might be expected from the gregarious propensity of the Jew, there were many parishes without even one apparently Jewish representative, while a small number contained the main body of the community as it then was. Only 48 of the 110 parishes had any Jewish inhabitants at all, while of approximately 850 names extracted from the Census List, 681 were found in six parishes alone, namely Allhallows London Wall St. Andrew Undershaft St. Helen St. James Duke's Place St. Katherine Creechurch St. Katherine Coleman of which the two largest?St. James Duke's Place and St. Katherine Cree? church?contained between them nearly half of the whole community.1 It is difficult to say how many families there were, but, allowing for errors due to duplication or for having included non-Jewish names, there must have been some 185 families of varying sizes. Hyamson2 refers to the list, but since his book was published the list has been revised and is now repro? duced here, together with an annotated list in alphabetical order. The late Haham Dr. Gaster referred to some 200 males, but did not include women or children. For the purpose of my research, I have linked both Sephardi and Ashkenazi families together, but of the 853 souls there were definitely some 203 of the latter, and possibly a further 52, while the balance were of Spanish and Portuguese, Italian or North African descent. It should also be noted that most of the Ashkenazim lived Without the Walls, except for certain families who attached themselves to, and even became an important part of, the Sephardi Community. It is interesting to compare these present figures with those compiled in about 1680 by Abraham Zagache. This was a record in Spanish of the folk (in all 414 souls) "who are of the Nation at London."3 By 'Nation' is, 1 For the figures see Mr. Woolf's calculations below. 2 Albert M. Hyamson, The Sephardim of England, Methuen, 1951, p. 70. 3 L. D. Barnett, Bevis Marks Records, I, pp. 16-20. 73 F</page><page sequence="5">74 MISCELLANIES VI of course, meant the Spanish and Portuguese community. Zagache was in London from the 12th December 1680 until he left for Hamburg on the 8th April, 1684. Hardly any Ashkenazim appear in Zagache's List beyond Benjamin Levy and his family. Zagache only reported on the Sephardi congregation as it existed in 1680 with its old place of worship in Creechurch Lane; and if, moreover, one checks his list with the Appendix in Hyamson's book1 showing the seat-holders in 1682, it is clear that he has most of them on his list. If one deducts some 255 possible Ashkenazim from the 853 souls in 1695, there would be some 600 Sephardim left and it does not seem at all unreasonable to suppose that between 1680 and 1695 the Sephardim increased from 414 to 600?strengthened by a fresh influx of Jews with the accession of William and Mary in 1688. Indeed, the evidence bears out the need for the new Synagogue at Bevis Marks, which was built and finished in 1701. The wealth of the community was considerable, but, in fact, there was a very large number of families living in impoverished conditions while certain merchants were in the extremely wealthy class. Some of the families or households described in the Census cause one to wonder at the composition or construction of the house or boarding house. In Buffington House in St. James Duke's Place, for instance, there were as many as 20 residents, mostly poor Ashkenazim, to judge by their names. Adjoining, was another large building in Rose Alley containing some 19 souls, whose names also are of interest. There at least 50 % of the Jewish residents appear to have been of German descent, with names such as Jacobs, Hollander, Polander, Moses, Markus, Marks and Levy. Jews lived side by side with non-Jews, apparently quite happily. Nearby was a family by the name of Navar (Nabarro); they lived in state by themselves. Mr. Jacob Nabarro was a music-maker. A little further on Joseph Matheus, a rich merchant, lived alone, and still further away was Benjamin Nunes, his wife, three sons and six daughters and two maid-servants. Just beyond this family lived Pantale?o Mogadouro, the well-known merchant, together with his family and two servants and one lodger.2 The lodger, Jacob Lopes Leon, alias John Lopes Leon, was his father-in-law, living in France, as his Will, proved in both the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and the Commissary Court of London, shows. The above comments are, of course, merely a sketch, and it would be as well if the reader took the list and these notes in conjunction with the records of the cemetery which are in the course of being published by Dr. Richard Barnett.3 It is hoped that these lists will be of help not only 1 Hyamson, op. cit., Appendix III, pp. 423-4. 2 Full details of the Mogadouro family and its sufferings can be found in Treasures of a London Temple (1951), ed. by R. D. Barnett, p. 24. 3 See this volume, pp. 1-72.</page><page sequence="6">census lists of 1695 75 to students of Anglo-Jewish genealogy but to all interested in the life of the Jews at the end of the 17 th century. From the perfectionist I would ask for indulgence, should he feel that some names have been included which should not have been. There were a considerable number of persons of Huguenot and other foreign extraction living in London, and although some names are doubtfully Jewish, I have preferred to include them rather than to risk leaving someone out. I am deeply indebted to the Deputy Keeper of the Records for permitting me to use the Census Lists of 1695, alphabetically arranged and typed, thanks to the great industry and energy of the City Records Office of the City of London Records in Moorgate (now rehoused at Guildhall). Finally, I would like to acknowledge the great help given to me by the late Albert M. Hyamson, the indexer of Anglo-Jewry par excellence, and to thank all who have been ready to offer advice and assistance in annotating the lists, particularly Dr. Richard Barnett and Mr. Maurice Woolf. NOTES ON THE CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 By Maurice Woolf In 1695 William III was concerning himself with a vigorous prosecution of the war against France, and to this end certain rates and duties upon marriages, births and burials and on bachelors and widows were levied by Parliament. Each house in every London parish was visited and the occupants noted, including the householder, his wife and family, apprentices, servants and lodgers. From a total of 110 parishes the returns from 17 are missing, but the remaining 93 are preserved among the Guildhall records. It is from the lists of these parishes that Mr. Arthur Arnold has extracted the names of the Jewish inhabitants. These lists provide us with certain interesting statistical data, and it has proved possible to identify many of the individuals mentioned who are known from other sources. At least twelve names have been traced in David Hen riques de Castro's List of Amsterdam Synagogue Members (1675-1875), a card index of which was compiled by the late Mr. Wilfred Samuel. That index, together with two others also compiled by Mr. Samuel and kindly lent by Mrs. Samuel?one to Gaster's History of the Ancient Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, the other to the Huguenot Society's Letters of Denizations and Acts of Naturalisation for Aliens, 1603-1700?provided much relevant information. It has been computed1 that in 1695, 69,581 people resided in London within the walls, and 53,508 in the 13 parishes and precincts without the walls. Of the total within the walls, the 778 Jews formed 1-1 %. 1 P. E. Jones and A. V. Judges, London Population in the late 17 th century, Economic History Review, October 1935.</page><page sequence="7">76 MISCELLANIES VI St. James Duke's Place . . St. Katherine Creechurch St. Andrew Undershaft . . Allhallows London Wall. . St. Katherine Coleman . . St. Helen. 925 residents, 1,623 residents, 1,218 residents, 1,551 residents, 1,141 residents, 857 residents, 264 Jews 28-5% 145 Jews 8-9% 89 Jews 7-3% 102 Jews 6-5% 54 Jews 4-7% 27 Jews 3-1% 7,315 residents, 681 Jews 9-3% Total in 6 main parishes NUMBERS OF JEWS WITHIN THE WALLS Parish Sephardi Certain and probable Doubtful Ashkenazi Certain and probable Doubtful 1. Allhallows Barking 3. Allhallows The Great .. 5. Allhallows The Less 7. Allhallows London Wall 11. St. Alban Wood Street . . 14. St. Andrew Undershaft 16. St. Anne Aldersgate 17. St. Anne Blackfriars 19. St. Augustine 21. St. Benet Fenchurch .. 28. St. Dionis Backchurch 29. St. Duns tan in the East 31. St. Ethelburga 32. St. Faith Under St. Paul 33. St. Gabriel Fenchurch 36. St. Helen 37. St. James Duke's Place 42. St. Katherine Coleman 43. St. Katherine Creechurch 45. St. Lawrence Pountney 46. St. Leonard Eastcheap 47. St. Leonard Foster 49. St. Margaret Lothbury 51. St. Margaret New Fish Street 54. St. Martin Ludgate 60. St. Mary Aldermary . . 72. St. Mathew Friday Street 75. St. Michael Crooked Lane 76. St. Michael Queenhithe 94. St. Stephen Walbrook .. 1 80 65 1 17 3 3 2 2 20 1 13 24 155 38 130 4 2 97 16 12 1 2 3 2 1 1 11 3 Total Within the Walls 524 36 176 42</page><page sequence="8">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 NUMBERS OF JEWS WITHOUT THE WALLS 77 Parish Sephardi Certain and probable Doubtful Ashkenazi Certain and probable Doubtful 98. 99. 101. 102. 103. 107. 108. 109. 110. St. Andrew Holborn .. St. Bartholomew the Great St. Botolph without Aldersgate St. Botolph without Aldgate . St. Botolph without Bishops gate .. St. Giles without Cripplegate Grub Street Precinct White Gross Street Precinct St. Olave Southwark St. Sepulchre Whitefriars Precinct .. 23 2 Total Without the Walls Total Within the Walls (Carried Forward) 24 524 14 36 27 176 10 42 Grand Total 548 50 203 52 Note.?The total of 853 includes 185 families and 114 people living alone or as lodgers.</page><page sequence="9">78 miscellanies vi EXTRACTS FROM THE CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 (for key to references and abbreviations see pp. 140-141) A. CITY WITHIN THE WALLS 1. ALLHALLOWS BARKING 27. Miers, Joseph and two others 2. ALLHALLOWS BREAD STREET 4. Moses, Michael, serv. 3. ALLHALLOWS THE GREAT 21. Nathan, George Eliz., w. and 7 other persons all at house of Mr. Richard Grover, wr. 5. ALLHALLOWS THE LESS 6. Garris, Abraham, bach., 25 7. ALLHALLOWS LONDON WALL No addresses but in order of register 5. Farrowe, Joshua Samuel J 9. Maes, Moses, bach., over 25 a lodger with Hills, Ann 23. Bernal, Jasper Francisco, wr., ?600 in Rose Precinct 22. Britto, Eliz. Godsalve, Abraham Mary, w. Daniel and William, ss. plus 5 other persons 2 others and 4 children Hannah, w. Abraham Leah Jacob 24. 31. Price, Mary, serv. Tallis, Mary Rodenisier, Sarah Abenacar, Eliza Ann Deborah</page><page sequence="10">census lists of 1695 Allhallows London Wall, contd. Grover, Eliz. Eliz., d. 18. Van Angelo, Hertra Van Amstell, Sarah Rodrigues, John Bussegent, Simoner 25. Lindon, Joseph Honour Joseph 7 others not Jewish 28. Tallis, Aron Judith, w. Rebecca ^ Benj amin &gt; children George J Rodd, Joan, lodger 35. Rawlings, Samuel Eliz., w. Carmene, Faldero ~\ Rachel &gt; lodgers Hester J Sabinoe, Hester De Farrowe, Blanche David, bach., 25 Alvares, Aron De Farrowe, Rachel Harrison, Eliz. Edward Brandon, Rachel Hester 36. Gomes, Isaac, bach., 25 Green, Anne, serv. Pavia, Rebecca Judith Feaber, Honour, serv. Chavies, Hester Abigail Rachell Levy, Hannah Mendez, Lenora Honour Portella, Jacob Moses</page><page sequence="11">miscellanies vi Allhallows London Wall, contd. Winfield, Anne Gideon, Rowland Hester, w. Bara, u.d. Quirilibatt, David Valerio, Samuel Abidente, Gideon Prince, Susan Scott, Martha 35. Da Costa, Joseph, ?600 Leah, w. Byer, Mary Butwell, Judith 37. Carone, Sarah Abigail Rose plus eleven non-Jews Mendeze, Menassa Debora Abraham Sarah Benjamin Shovell, Ann, serv. Perreira, Manuel, ?600 Leah, w. David, s. Hester, u.d. Rebecca, u.d. Hannah, u.d. Gomins, Ann, serv. Franco, Benjamin, ?600 Hester, w. Abraham, s. Abigail, u.d. Judith, u.d. Alvarangues, Samuel Rebecca, w. Cartwright, Eliz., serv. Bonnier, John and Frances and 2 children Alveus, Mathias, Isaac and Pelion and 5 non-Jews 38. Carreroe, Abraham Sarah Rebecca</page><page sequence="12">census lists of 1695 7. Allhallows London Wall, contd. Austin, Jane Rodrigues, Julian Moses, ?600 Rachel, w. Isaac, eld. son Aron, y. son Sarah, u.d. Hester, u.d. Judith, u.d. Rattam, Sarah Isaac Benjamin Mendez, Abraham, lodger Penira, Abraham, ? Isaac, ? Walker, William and George, lodgers Bear, Abraham Francis, Sarah Leah Benjamin Isaac Arios, Isaac Abigail Abraham Hester Garlile, Eliz. Cordinere, Abraham, bach. 11. ST. ALBAN WOOD STREET 3. Aaron, Samuel Sarah, w. Bent, William, apprentice 1 maid serv. 14. ST. ANDREW UNDERSHAFT 5, Lindow, Isaac Leah, w. Judith, Rachel, Constance, dans. Norbon, Abraham j and 2 female serv. Lopes Maladi, Jacob Rachell Reacca, Abraham Markes, Moses Solomon, Simon</page><page sequence="13">miscellanies vi 14. St. Andrew Undershaft, contd. Spice, Sarah, serv. Dean, Eliz., serv. Adolph, Jacob Sarah, w. Jacob Leavie, s. Ellenora, d. David, Sarah, serv. Jacob, serv. 6. Decastor, Isaac Rachel, w. Joseph, s. Wiggins, William Wife Hanson, wid. Steadman, Sabina, bach., 25 Dormido, Solomon and wife, lodgers King, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Phillips, Wm., serv. Veres, Rachel, wid. Samson, s. with wife Joyce Hester, d. Gracia, d. 7. Alveres, David Debora, w. Sarah, d. Sipporah, d. Miriam, d. Grace, d. Jackson, Mathew, serv. 8. Ffrancks, Abraham, wr. Abraham and Abigail, his children Sarafatee, Josias, wr. Fuah, Miriam, lodger Nathaniel ? Sarafatee, Rebecca, lodger Jolly, Charity, serv. Morrena, wid. Hannah, Rebecca, Elias and Hester her children Markes, David his wife and Levi their son</page><page sequence="14">census lists of 1695 14. St. Andrew Undershaft, contd. Rassous, Sarah Markes, Ben dick Rachel, w. all lodgers with family Willington Aries, Jacob Hester, w. Isaac, Abraham, David, Sarah, Rachel, their children Sifton, Mary Anne, d. 9. Mendoos, Jacob, ?600 Rachel, w. Rebecca, d. Duncombe, Sarah, serv. Pruda, Judeth, serv. Andricus, Hester, Rachel and Sarah all lodgers with Dr. Thomas Worcester and wife Solomon, Eve, lodger with Mrs. Green and her daughters 11. Decastros, Moses, Jew Samson, Eliza and other lodgers with widow Bass, her d. Sarah and Winterbotham, Jane, serv. 12. Francia, Francis, Jew, ?600 Moses, ?600, wife Abraham and Isaac, children Simon, lodger Mingo, lodger Robert, Edward Bird, Mary i servants Cook, Annie [ Allen, Eliza J 15. Delema, Sybilla, wid., ?600 Peter, bach., 25 and other children Eliza, Elias and Jane Simpson, Theophilus 1 T- i i j tv /r r servants Frankland, Mary J Gome Serra, Anthony, Jew, ?600 Rebecca, wife Joshua, s. Moses, s. Deborah, d. Sarah, d. 2 female and 1 male servants</page><page sequence="15">84 miscellanies vi 14. St. Andrew Undershaft, contd. 16. Israell, Abraham, Jew Sarah, w. Rebecca, d. Jacob, s. Morenio, Solomon, bach., lodger 16. ST. ANN ALDERSGATE 7. Bohamia, Samuel, serv. 17. ST. ANN BLAGKFRIARS 84. Ireland Yard: Ferdinando, Martha A Nurse Child with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hutchins 32. Holland Street: Pass, David, serv. with Mr. and Mrs. John Wallrand and other servant Moses Wallrand 60. Church Entry: Tornilla, Sara, serv. with Heath, Henry and wife and 5 others 19. ST. AUGUSTINE 5. Amos, Aron Hester, w. and 2 servs. 21. ST. BENET FENCHURCH 4. Israeli?, Mary, wid. ~\ lodgers with Mr. and Mrs. Anna, d. f Fabyan Browne, 4 others and Leevys, Hannah, serv. Maior, Joseph 28. ST. DIONIS BAGKGHURCH 13. Jacobs, James, bach., ?600 Roberts, Susanna, ?600 and 3 others 18. Joseph, Anne, one of 4 servants to Hall, Ezekiel, ?600 and wife Pentecost 6. Nossa, Abraham, bach., ?600 Moabite, Moses, his serv. 4 other persons and two servants 21. Phillip, Martin and Mary, w. Salvador, Brunca Isaac, s. Judith, d. Rachel, d. Moses, s.</page><page sequence="16">census lists of 1695 85 28. St. Dionis Backchurch, contd. Pereira, Joseph, ?600 Rachel, w. Wilson, Anne, serv. and 3 other maids ers. 29. ST. DUNSTAN IN THE EAST 34. Benman, Zopher with widow Mary Simpson 31. ST. ETHELBURGA 9. Mussophia, Joseph 32. ST. FAITH UNDER ST. PAUL 10. Asser, Nathaniel Sarah, w. Nathaniel, s. Mary and Sarah, daus. 1 sew., 5 lodgers 33. ST. GABRIEL FENGHURCH 5. Franandus, Edward, wr., ?600 lodger and 7 others with Mrs. Frances Martin, widow 8. Henriques, Peter, gent., ?600 Sarah, w. Abraham, s. Rachel and Cleare, daus. Peter, gent., ?600 Esther, w. Abraham, Isaac and Aron, ss. 1 manserv. and 4 maidservants [including Judith Manasses [see below)] 33. St. Gabriel Fenchurch, contd. 7. Sweares, Abraham "\ lodgers at Mr. and Mrs. John Trowell Sara, w. / 2 children and 1 servant 2. Hosun, Jacob, bach, with Kiser, John and Kiser, Mary, w. and 2 servants 8. Manasses, Judith, serv. with Peter Henriques {see above) 36. ST. HELEN 3. Da Costa, John Mandes, ?600 Bridget, w. Anthony, s. Joanna, d. Alvaro, s. 1 servant, 2 nurses and 2 maidsers.</page><page sequence="17">86 miscellanies vi 36. St. Helen, contd. Morais, Eleanor Payett, Eliz., maidser. 7. Brandon, Rebecca, widow living alone 17. Da Costa, Isaac Solomon Rachel Nunes David, s. Samuel, s. and 2 servants with Wallis, Jane, wid. 2 others and 1 sew. 19. Shammin Hannah, maidser. to Sir John Eyles Knight Bachelor, and his Ladye Sarah 20. Aaron, Mendy, serv. with Nunes, Moses, Sarah, w. Abraham, s. Isaac, s., David, s. Hester, d., Rachel, d., Jacob, brother Gimpel, Zanchy and 1 maid 21. Almanzo, Simon "\ both lodgers with Sturgell, Thos., Arralona, Samuel j his wife, 2 servants and one other lodger 37. ST. JAMES DUKE'S PLACE 1/7. Blyth, Wm. and wife Anne Boys, Eliz., serv. Itallian, Getclair, wid., lodger Levi, Barra Eve, w. Suares, Benjamin Gomes, Moses Isaacs, Gerson, bach., 25 2/8. Mincott-Taylor, Wm. and Hannah, w. German, Bendick, bach., 25, lodger Silver, Abigail, wid., lodger T?rke, Soliman, lodger 2/11. Helbert, Samuel, jeweller, ?600 Bison, w. Phillip, s. Jacob, s. Moses, s. Isaac, s. Rebecca, d. Rebecca, sister Hana, sister Molineux, Deborah, serv. Jackson, Eliz., serv.</page><page sequence="18">census lists of 1695 87 37. St. James Duke's Place, contd. 2/13. Pestana, Abraham Rebecca, w. Isaac and Joshua, ss. 2/15. Delcano, Moses Judith, w. Sarah and Hester, daus. Joseph and Mordecai, ss. Bellagrina, Sarah, lodger 2/16. Frassoon, Rachel, wid. Joseph, s., bach., 25 Ferreira, Sarah, lodger Brandon, Judith, lodger 2/18. Bartholomew, Mrs. Susan, wid. Susan, d. Mazahod, Jacob, bach., ?600 3/19. Jones, Edward, tailor Mary, w. Alvaringo, David, lodger Abigail, w. ? 3/29. Jezeroon, Sarah Isaac, s. Lacey, Eliz., serv. 3/22. Lyon, Rachel, wid. Moses, bach., 25 Samuel, ? Cordoso, Isaac, lodger Judith, w. David, s. 3/23. Pirez, Sarah, wid. Isaac, s., bach., 25 Rachel, d. Nassee, Sarah 1 d. and 1 maidser. 3/25. Boyna, Deborah Hannah 3/26. Elsworth, Samuel, hotpresser Bromley, w. Ferdinando, Jacob, gent. Mary, w. Decastro, Beatiz, wid. Rachel, wid. Rebecca, Isaac and Abraham (sic) their children</page><page sequence="19">miscellanies vi St. James Duke's Place, contd. 4. Belzaro, Isaac Mendez Rachel, w. Abraham, Aaron, Isaac, David, ss. Judith, Hester, Laer, Rebecca, daus. 4/48. Barrew, Abraham, merchant Rebecca, w. Luna, d. Aaron, s. Duglas, Allo, serv. 4/31. Cardozo, Moses Nunes Rachel, w. Hester, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, daus. Abraham. Brown, Eliz., serv. 4/30. Pass, David Hester, w. Sarah, Rachel, daus. Wickman, Mary, serv. 4/34. De Say, Leer, wid. Isaac Saluma, Jacob, wr. David, s. Hannah, w. Rachel, Hester, daus. 5/37. Navare, Emanuell Rachel, w. Abraham, lodger Hester, w. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, ss. 5/39. Gorero, Anthony, merchant, ?600 Rebecca, w. David, Aaron, Solomon, ss. Rachel, Sarah, Deborah, daus. Knewstub, Martha and Susan, servants 5/40. Barrew, Moses Rachel, w. Mordechai, bach., 25 Sarah, child Meers, Vegula, serv. 5/41. Merando, Emanuele Nunes, merchant, ?600 Abigail, w. Rachel, Hester, Sarah, Deborah and Abigail, daus. Joseph, son Woodersell, Susan, serv. Downes, Sarah, serv.</page><page sequence="20">census lists of 1695 89 37. St. James Duke's Place, contd. 6/42. De Say, Jacob Rachel, w. Furlong, Ruth, serv. Lettice, Eliz., serv. Gaboy, Jacob, bach., 25 David Gurtenica, Perero, bach., ?600 Henriques, Isaac, bach., ?600 6/45. Jones, Thos., bricklayer Katherine, w. 2 children Meers, Deborah, lodger 6/46. Prague, Abraham Rose, w. Herse, child Messous, Isaac, lodger Rachel, w. Joseph, child Polander, Israel, lodger Bruce, Anne, serv. 6/47. Rames, Isaac Sarah, w. Abraham, s. Morgan, Eliz., serv. 6/48. Jacobs, Joseph Gyrilia, w. Jacob, Nathaniel, ss. Hollander, Moses, lodger 6/51. Margatts, Isaac, barber Mary, w. Isaac, Emanuell, ss. Mary, d. Blake, Hannah Gurtanez, Jacob, bach., 25 7. Olivero, Elias, bach. Markes, Sampson, bach. 7/54. Isaack, Emanuel, bach., 25, lodger with Sargeant, Mr. and Mrs. Henry and 5 others 8/55. Buffington House Abraham, Mordecai Rebecca, w. Rachel, d. G</page><page sequence="21">90 miscellanies vi 37. St. James Duke's Place, contd. Levy, Rachell Norton, Hester Yowell, Joseph Judith, w. Abraham, s. Perl, d. Abraham, Lea Trickle, Disha Dunne, Eve James, child Levy, Benjamin Frawcha, w. Isaac Galebale, w. Sarah, Rachel, daus. Isaac, s. The rest is Rose Alley 8/58. Capadocia, Moses Abigail, w. Rachel, d. David, s. White, Mary, serv. Perez, Lea, wid., lodger Italliano, Simon, lodger Hester, w., lodger Rebecca, d., lodger Spelsworth, Elizabeth, serv. Polander, Isaac Frawcha, w. Jacobs, David Rose, w. Eve, Sarah, Judith, daus. Mordecai, s. Frummutt, d. 9/59. Hollander, Jacob Hannah, w. Binah, d. 9/62. Moses, Aaron Rose, w. Leah, d. 9/64. Markus, Alexander Rose, w., lodgers with widow Clarke, pewterer</page><page sequence="22">census lists of 1695 St. James Duke's Place, contd. 9/65. Miller, Anne Jacobs, Joseph Frummutt, w. Jonathan, Isaac, ss. Bina, d. 10/68. Marks, Zachariah Rose, w. Samuel, s. and 7 others 10/69. Marks, Solomon Judith, w. Mendes, Isaac Judith, w. Pooren, Isaac, bach., 25 Helleny, Jane 11/75. Ridley, Margery and child Hugh Francia, Isaac, bach., 25 Abraham, ,, 11/76. Modicena, Hester David, Abraham, ss. Judith, Abigail, daus. and 11 others with Micklethwaite-Tayler, Thomas 11 /78. Navare, Jacob Sarah, w. Moses, bach., 25 Rachel, d. 12/91. Lesser, David, bach., 25 with widow Harman and 4 others 14/98. Matheus, Joseph, merch., ?600, alone 15/107. Levy, Samuel wr. Shales, Anne, wid. 2 others and one male servant 18/130. Messias, Bona Rachel, Sarah, daus. Israel, Hester, lodger Jacob, s. Lussane, Samuel Rebecca, w. Rachel, d. Jacob, s. Lennea, Mary, serv. 19/133. Levy, Joseph Hannah, w. Isaac, s.</page><page sequence="23">92 miscellanies vi 37. St. James Duke's Place, contd. 19/134. Morris, Richard, tailor Frances, w. Levy, Isaac, lodger Ellenore, w. Moses, Michael, ss. Moleero, Rachel, lodger Hester, d. Israel, Abraham, lodger 19/136. Levy, Michael Leah, w. Mordechai, Isaac, ss. Judith, Leah, daus. Levy, Rachel, lodger 20/144. Gallindo, Abraham and Judith his wife 20/147. Nunes, Benjamin Rachel, w. Hester, Hannah, Rebecca, Katherine, Abigail, Leah, daus. Abraham, Aaron, Emanuel, ss. Hatten, Elenore, serv. Shrimpton, Mary, serv. 21/149. Muggadory, Pentalia, merch., ?600 Rachel, w. Hester, d. Lopes, Jacob, lodger Humphreys, Amy, serv. Pettit, Mary, serv. 21/150. Nunes, David, jeweller, wr. Pickupp, Eliz., serv. 21/159. Terdot, Abraham Rose, w. David, Solomon, ss. Zephra, d. 42. ST. KATHERINE COLEMAN 5. Israell, Sarah, wid. Rebecca, Hephsibath, daus. Abigail, d. Menders, Rachel, serv. 8. Lop as, Abraham, merch., ?600 Rebecca, w. Joseph, Isaac, ss. Gabriel, Rachel, Hester, Leah, Sarah, daus.</page><page sequence="24">census lists of 1695 42. St. Katherine Coleman, contd. Barker, Judeth Duncombe, Eliz. Burton, Alice Woodman, Susan Levy, Isaac, a Jew Rose, w. Borrow, child 11. Luceny, Samuel, a Jew Rebecca, w. Rachel, Leah, daus. Jacob, s. Wakelin, Margaret, maidser. 13. Pardo, David, a Jew Esther, w. Joseph, Isaac, Emanuel, ss. Rebecca, Rachel, Hannah, daus. Smith, Hannah, maidser. 25. Levy, Benjamin, merch., ?600 Isabel, w. Michael, Moses, ss. Abigail, d. Michael, merch., ?600, bach., 25 Levy, Sarah, maidser. Reeves, Mary, maidser. Alion, Solomon, gent. Oro, w. Grace, Hester, daus. Levy, Clara, serv. Moore, Anne, serv. 26. Avila, Samuel, bach., 25, ?600 David ? ^ ? ? Rachel, their sister Hester, ? ? Hannah, ,, ? Watson, Anne, serv. Bradey, Eliz., serv. Telles, Rachel, wid. Sarah, Judith, daus. Abraham, s. Parker, Margt., maidser. Machado, Abraham, gent. Sarah, w. Robinson, Judith, maidser. 13. Liurego, Ferdinando</page><page sequence="25">miscellanies vi ST. KATHERINE CREECHURCH 9. Hankes, William Margt., w. Decastor, Solomon, wr., lodger 17. Pharo, Isaac, lodger, 25 with Hart, Josiah 19. Levy, Simon, lodger Rachel, w. Isaac, s. Israel, Manuell, bach., 25, lodger All with John and Joanna Vigures, schoolmaster and 3 children 19. Bandauni, Rebecca, a Jew Vagor, Esther, a Jew 23. Aviers, Abraham wife Jacob wife Aaron, Moses, ss. Sarah, d. Thompson, Mary, serv. 23. Mocato, Rebecca, wid. Isaac, Abraham, ss. Hannah, Rachel, Rebecca, daus. Young, Mary, serv. 23. Sedanck, Jacob, wr. Abraham, s. Sarah, d. 23. Mocato, Abraham, bach., 25 Sarah, wid. Sarah, d. Bonnell, Hannah, serv. 23. Henriques S we ares, Abraham Sarah, w. Jacob, Isaac, Samuel, ss. Brunca, Esther, daus. Also in same house but folio 24. Muggadoro, Francis, lodger, bach., 25 Marvell, Nir [sic], bach., 25 Comber, Eliz., serv. 24. Depiver, Abraham Sarah, w. Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron, David, ss. Laer, Judith, Esther, daus.</page><page sequence="26">census lists of 1695 43. St. Katherine Creechurch, contd. Vaughan, Catherine, serv. MAddison, Eliz., serv. 24. Rodrigues, Alphonse, ?600 Rebecca, w. Joseph, s. Sarah, d. Brookes, Sarah, serv. Smith, Sarah, serv. 24. Portella, Isaac, ?600 Rachel, w. Abraham, s. Rebecca, serv. [sic] 24. Rodrigues, Simon, ?600 Taxera, Jacob, ?600 Sarah, w. Madena, Jacob, bach., 25, ?600 Gungee, John, serv. Highton, Eliz., serv. Johnson, Sara, serv, 24. Henriques, Joseph, ?600 Rachel, w. Abraham, s. Esther, d. Kirk, Rebecca, serv. 24. Robbles, wid. Joseph Hester, w. Isaac, Abraham, ss. Eliz., serv. Sarah, serv. Nunes, Fardinando, ?600 25. Prospenco, David, ?600 Abigail, w. Isaac, s. Hester, d. Gibbons, Mary, serv. Rodney, Anne, serv. 25. Henriques, Peter Sarah, w. Sarah and Hester, daus. Ferreby, Jane, serv. 25. Barbonell, David Bathsebah, w. Ephraim, Joseph, ss. Joyce, Sarah, daus. Grace</page><page sequence="27">96 miscellanies vi 43. St. Katherine Creechurch, contd. 25. Mocato, Emanuel Rachel, w. Hester, Rhina, Rebecca, Sarah, daus. 25. Pestano, Joseph Hester, w. Birch, Mary, serv. 25. Galinda, Judith Abraham, s. 26. Desitrer, Judith, wid. Joshua, s. Hannah, Judith, Sarah, daus. Coen, Aaron, lodger Sarah Sindall, Anne, serv. 26. Silrara, Sarah, wid. Rachel, Rebecca, daus. 26. Mattora, wid. Solomon Sarah Hannah 26. Sorraco, Moses Hester, w. Rebecca, d. 26. Lyon, Abraham Eliz., w. Isaac, s. Rachel, Leah, daus. Roberts, Mary, serv. 26. Nebaro, Sabatini Sarah, w. Isaac, s. 26. Lopus, Sarah, wid. Jones, John, lodger Mary, w. 27. Valentia, Isaac, ?600 Rachel, w. Pacheco, Aaron, ?600 Hester, w. Abraham, s. Sarah, d. Hester, wid. Davids, Sarah, serv. Maurin, Mary, serv.</page><page sequence="28">census lists of 1695 43. St. Katherine Creechurch, contd. 27. Deporto, Sarah, wid. Joseph, s. Judith, Deborah, daus. Hughes, Hannah, serv. 28. Tallis, Isaac, wr., ?600 Moses, Joseph, ss. Sarah, Rachel, daus. Jones, Martha, serv. 28. Gomaserus, Phineas Sarah, w. Jacob, s. Cole, Eliza., serv. Brown, Hannah, serv. 28. Abenandenon, Joseph Rebecca, w. Moses, s. 45. ST. LAWRENCE POUNTNEY 4. Ventura, Sylvester, serv. 46. ST. LEONARD EASTCHEAP 1. Grouch, Israeli, ?600 Mary, w. William, s. 2. Abbynatha, Mary, living with Upfield, Thomas, his son and two others 47. ST. LEONARD FOSTER 7. Manuell, Benjamin, lodger Vanor, Isaac, lodger Katherine, w. and one serv. all cjo Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Brown 10. Crowch, Abraham Judeth, w. Abraham, wr. servants, children and one lodger 15. Pervero, Moses, straunger, cjo Pair, John and many others 49. ST. MARGARET LOTHBURY 20. Benjamin, Fanny, merch., ?600, bach, [sic] lodger at Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kerison 4 other lodgers and 3 servants 12. Olivere, Emery</page><page sequence="29">98 miscellanies vi 51. ST. MARGARET NEW FISH STREET 2. Joseph, John, ?600 Rebecca, w. John, s. Rachel, d. Lem, James, serv. Sillson, Sarah, serv. 54. ST. MARTIN LUDGATE 17. Meeres, Lemuel, apprent. cjo Joyce, Richard and wife, Israel [sic] and others 19. Paver, Sarah and many others 7. Joseph, George, at Eueringham, Herbert and wife and others 60. ST. MARY ALDERMARY 7. Gomport, Ebenezer at Thompson, Samuel and many others 72. ST. MATTHEW FRIDAY STREET 1. Pardoe, John Anne, w. Hester, Anne, daus. 2 servants (one male), one lodger with wife and maidser. 75. ST. MICHAEL CROOKED LANE 1. Joseph, Benjamin, merch., ?600 Benjamin, s. Eliz., Sarah, Mary, daus. 3 servants (2 male) 23. Joseph, Benjamin 76. ST. MICHAEL QUEENHITHE 6. Meeres, Abraham Isabella, w. David, s. B. CITY WITHOUT THE WALLS 98. ST. ANDREW HOLBORN 63. Jacob, Isach. 70. Odolphus, Jasper</page><page sequence="30">census lists of 1695 99 99. ST. BARTHOLOMEW THE GREAT 43. Fere a, Francis Mary, w. Esther, Anna, Maria, daus. 101. ST. BOTOLPH WITHOUT ALDERSGATE 67. Third Precinct Soare, Sarah with Petit, Martha and another 102. ST. BOTOLPH WITHOUT ALDGATE 200. Tower Hill Jew or Jue, Jacob with Mr. Smith and Sarah Smith 209. Covent Garden Adler, Samuel Rose, w. Deborah, d. and 2 other women 265. Covent Garden Gasea, Moses at Mr. and Mrs. Jones 267. Covent Garden Keser, Hannah at Mr and Mrs. Alex. Radd 9. Houndsditch Polack, Leonard Statin, w. Phebe, d. 10. Houndsditch Polack, Michael Hannah, w. Zachariah, s. Radcliffe, Mary 10. Houndsditch {next door) Jacob, Moses Hester, w. Israeli, Jacob, Zachariah, Ephraim, ss. 125. Bans Court Hart, Manassez Hester, w. Isaac, Jacob, Moses, ss. 130. Bans Court Polander, Judas, living alone 124. Bans Court Sofia, Anthony Joseph Henrietta, Mary, daus. with Mr. and Mrs. Bynne</page><page sequence="31">100 miscellanies vi 102. St. Botolph Without Aldgate, contd. 159. Tower Hill Vesitella, Isaac Isaac, s. Hester, d. alone 103. ST. BOTOLPH WITHOUT BISHOPSGATE 216. Montague Court Benchanun, Amey with Mr. and Mrs. Page, one other lodger and children 267. Hands Alley Darsha, Judeth, spinster with Mrs. Susan and others 232. Artillery Lane Jonas, Ali, cjo Mr. and Mrs. Knockles and 4 others 41. Three Leg Alley Lovenea, Abraham Anne, w. Susanne, d. Humphrey, Jacob, ss. Walte, Eliz., spinster 280. Walnut Tree Yard Moses, Solomon and some dozen others 112. North Side of Dunnings Alley Principole, Abraham, bach., with Jacobs, John, wife and 3 children 16. The Alms House in the Churchyard Sally, Joseph, bach. Abigael, s., alone 282. Street Side Sally, Benjamin, junior, bach. Benjamin, senior Abigail, w. Bathurst, Margaret 168. Cock Yard Soares, James, wr. Susanna, Sarah, daus. and 5 lodgers 105. BIDEWELL PRECINCT 2. Daphiver, James, lodger with Mr. and Mrs. John Boucher and 2 others</page><page sequence="32">census lists of 1695 107. ST. GILES WITHOUT GRIPPLEGATE B. GRUB STREET PRECINCT 37. Ramshead Court Gumms, Aron Sara, w. cjo Mr. and Mrs. John Whitcher and 2 sons 32. Can Yard Nunis, "a Jews Child" cjo Daniel Charles and his wife anfl one apprentice No address shown Sarfally, Mathias Sarah, w. Nathaniel, s. Sara, d. 1 apprentice, 1 lodger, 1 maidserv. and 3 menservants 62. Jew, Alice Susan, d. 73. Tenter Alley Van Ovan, Agnes Eliz., Rachel, daus. alone D. WHITE GROSS STREET PRECINCT 19. Hardings Rents Castro, Lawrence Margaret, w. John, s. alone 108. ST. OLAVE SOUTHWARK (Part) 3. Traves, Nathan Elisabeth, w. Nathan, s. 1 manser. and 1 maidser. 109. ST. SEPULCHRE 75. Solomon, Charles Eliza, w. and 8 others cjo Mr. and Mrs. John Joyce 91. Aron, William Alice, w. Catherine, d. and 14 others at Mrs. Watkins 110. WHITEFRIARS PRECINCT 21. De Gossa, Isaac and 4 others with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore 15. Soares, Hester and 7 others at Mrs. Mary Wood</page><page sequence="33">102 MISCELLANIES VI cd o a cd U cd ? co cd o S3 2.8 ^ ^ ^ oi ? &lt;u cm m co cm . o CM o o C*0 ? Hb I o ? c?&gt; co co cd S _ ? &gt;&gt; cd ?de? &lt;U G 5-. S 3 5-, o Q Oh cd c3 co u ~ cj CO cd cd X g cd ^2 o cd 3 cj ?T cj ? cd ^ cd c3 o ^ 8 &amp;| o t/5 ^ ? U ? B u ^ ? Jj q cd 2 ^ cd ? o ? a cd X &lt; 8 ^ ^ O C&lt;J ^ &lt; ^ 3 C/3 &lt; w w www &lt;&lt;&lt; o W Q i w m 5 &lt; ?a? CO ? rH CO +-&gt; &lt;</page><page sequence="34">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 103 &lt;y&gt; o o co M CO a?-f ?? o C: ^ o CO C? ?5 ? Cft ** CM T? &gt;sH-T &lt;U ^ . -a 8S g Ph ? CO X O ^5 in h. (N CT) CM CM ^ k&gt; ^ - S * CM CO cq ? w CO ? ?S ^ O 43 g co cq ! co" CD CD CM o cm cm o to m cm" cm CO CO m CO 5" o O &lt;D * 2 si co o I?i o CO o 42 - ? O U V V OOX ? cert ? I ?o-S J3 O ?8 8.? 2 ? O o bO ? u &gt; 03 ? ^2 *0 13 X Oh ^ o O ? &lt; &lt; I O ? co CO CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="35">104 MISCELLANIES VI PS ;8 I 3 CO 5^ CO CO CO CT) CD O CO es M IS ? 8 8 M ?S CS 5-H o O CS #N cS .&lt;L&gt; ,?3 CS cj u cS cS cS 5-1 s CS b? g ? i-i S-i pQ ^ W ,U W N W (,* W A-J ,^ ffi&lt;Q?rtce &lt;u ? ? es CO ? CS -t-&gt; CS er ? &lt;L&gt; X 'S ^ a Co &lt;J Hl &lt; 3 ? o 3 o CO CO co CO &lt; Q co Q</page><page sequence="36">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 105 o o ? w Q o , o o 55 pq o ? co CO . u IS o 2 . H rS t?i 2 I 00 s pq ^ B a ?a a 's 8 11 ts ? Ph ?s o pq o pq CO ?8 O : ? CD pq cd ^ O ^ H Cfl O .a CO co~ r CO CO CM co~ s S-i 3 42 O c3 co ""rt w r?-( 8 B ^ 8 s S t3 O 5h &lt; &lt;k CO co Q ? ? CO to O U O CD v "?d-d &lt;U O C3 CO r&gt;&gt; f-( o o a ??j^CO a CvJ CvS ? a CD CvJ Pi &lt; Cj ? xs ? CD 3 CD ? ?s 3 N O c3 PQ P4 W I 55 O 5 I P &lt; pq ij w z o PQ pq I pq CO co co co co H</page><page sequence="37">106 MISCELLANIES VI 1 ? 8 Q i CO ? 3 CO o oq cm . V2 C4 J8 -S3 ?T cq o pq ?S3 CO CO CO CM CO -co? CO CM O ^ ?o sisa. 0 0)05 ?' ^ CM CO CM *2 1? -5 u P3 O J-i s u ? Xi co CO CO S CO ? 50 &gt; ? CO ? O U 8 r&amp; c3 O ?"3 w &lt;3 N o u c3 1 CO a n o PQ ? g bo ft} jl} ? 13 Co Ph S o PQ I PQ &lt; Q 2 o &lt; h&lt; www PQ PQ PQ o N W PQ &lt; ? ? w 3 3 S5 S? fc WWW PQ PQ PQ p&lt; w PQ x O PQ CO CO CO co Q Q co &lt; Q</page><page sequence="38">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 Q ? o bo &lt;u O Ph CD 5 ?8* ? PQ PQ CO to CO CO ^ a) cj o ^ CO CO CO p . ?I ^ c3 6 cvj O ? CD PQ CD O a. 3 Q ? o a Cj CD O ^ o PQ O Q l PQ O 0 P4 P&lt; PQ PQ PQ PQ O O N o Q ? o i w o p4 3 co CO co co co co co co Q co Q co</page><page sequence="39">MISCELLANIES VI c3 O pq pq CO 4h S? 2 S ? 5? ? M S SP?" 2 ^ -s 'T? *-&lt; cd w U S ?ri co O o 3 ?3 CO p O 45 u cj 42 TD . CO r-G O &gt; 42 U Sh W ? C5 CO 2 .2 ^ s ^ JO to co q q CD &gt; 43 u CD ? 43 O o N a ? ^2 O Q o-. Co Cj "3 Co co ?O? o H CO &lt; X a o o s o O o ? o O o w O O co &lt; Q Q GO CO CO co</page><page sequence="40">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 109 O I2 pq CO co co d d $1$ I co co * 2 8 S co co* m co co Sr co o o co^Qco frx3 o ? CO ??j I'S co^ 5^ co" O f3 CO 13 xT xj a ? o s o I??J o CO co &gt; a Q w o PS O a a &lt; o a &lt; Q H CO O O Q H co O O Q &gt; &lt; 3 ffi I co 9 p* &gt; &lt; &lt; &lt; &lt; QQQQ P4 O H CO o W Q o H CO &lt; ? W Q CO CO CO CO CO co Q &lt;! Q CO CO</page><page sequence="41">110 MISCELLANIES VI CM PS P4 P$ pq pq pq (4 pq ^co^ ? o CO CM 5" -si t &gt; * a m w U cj CJ &lt;L? V U ScS^CvJcdO^cS &gt; ? pq Q p4 ^ T3 co *c3 ? ~ ~ &lt;-&gt; X! h 43 ? ^ 0 S cf co ? T3 173 co c3 .3 -^fa ?2 E~1 ?h co co CnS O a o &lt;D CvJ Q Q o ? fa Co o 43 c p CD P 'S "'S &lt;_ &lt;fc&gt; ^&gt; ?&lt;*i -.^1 Co CO Co o H co &lt; ? (4 O &lt; tr&lt; co co &lt; O U QP I si fa W Q ? 41 P Q W co fa fa CO CO CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="42">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 .S3 ^ pq pq o o CM CO ClJ o o Ph XJ 3: * 8 O .*3 P$ S pq o o pq _5L r CM. crT cr&gt; CO CO s Xj a u ? wa co . - - ?&gt; j_T 5/2 g 8 &gt; ? 5 * A % 5 co" *? ? ? co 8 3 ? 8 c3 S3 ?5 ^ X3 CO xf M ^ Co ?T 2 ?8 ?1 ? -a co ?2 U o Ph O c3 cd CO ? 13 co co p&lt; Pk W Q o o W Q 5 w Q 3i CO W Q CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="43">112 MISCELLANIES VI m ?? ? -9 . H IS o o .S -is j-i r ? PA * &gt; ?3 ?8 &gt; X &gt; I?I 5^ CO CO 5^ CO co ? o s 'S co 43 3 s s 43 s ? 3^3 c3 &lt;U&gt; - . * ? g w fa ?co 0j ?2 ? ?t5 a ? ? - 8.SS -t-&gt; eg ^3 CO 15 f ?S bo ?3 &lt; &lt; &lt; fa ^2 &lt;3 Co Cq Co ^3 ? ? fa to fa ^3 ^3 si ?3 S3 a ? *-( ? fa Co Co o 3 o o Q fa fa fa o I fa o p z 3 ? fa o q fa fa co co Q CO co co co &lt;!</page><page sequence="44">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 113 3 ? .52 ?a&gt; ^ cm CM m*i _^ i?t 3* o co pq Q pq pq pq CM CO CO CO CO a o3 Xi o3 XI o3 ? fa o - a . 03 co v. 'I s u o3 ,D o3 bp ? Sc 43 2 03 CO CO ? s ?j ? pq ? 03 CO ? rH J"H 3 ? i?( &lt;u X3 Xi Oh * s o ? 03 fa Si O IS, ? fa ? fa o u &lt; fa CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="45">114 u ? ? CS O 43 o &lt;s CS cS .2 -S cS v (J Oh CO p CO ^ o CS e CO 'S .2 cS cS O i? MISCELLANIES VI M m n i co 5^ V ?gl CO 2 -.So HM H-4 . t-H C?) &amp; P3 co &gt; o (4 O PH 41 o fa CO 3 3 &lt; &lt; ? ? CO ^ c? tu 7 s rf* in ^ &lt;M . &lt;M . ? co ~ ^ ^ CM CO CO g .^co _r *"H CO ? CO ??i CO Vi CO (M CM pq ? o ?? &lt;?) CM CM m co" o CO CO CO CO CS ^ J3 43 +3 cS cS .t3 T3 ? cS O hm CS o Of 3~ CO 43 o ? cS N pq CM CM co CO ^ .2 8 ? o *1 CD ?&lt; CO 3Sp? fi ^ 42 cS O cS cS CO I?) cj &lt;L&gt; a j cS ^&gt; 03 I 3 CO co o 6 co co co &lt; Q Z HH h! 3 co o Q HH 41 41 CO I ? ? O &lt;3 co s ? HM U ? ? &lt;3 c/d CO o o CO CO CO o o ?? CO CO</page><page sequence="46">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 115</page><page sequence="47">116 MISCELLANIES VI r ? CO CO ,_, ?? CO CD d ?5 00 C CD CO w ? ct) cn t-T t?i X a H CD p!h O ^ in [H CO &gt;-i w . oT CM ^ co n o ^ CN ? if cT &gt;' CD CO CD CO CM p4 ^ 00 CM^ co cd co co -co-. CM^ co" co CM Oh &lt;L&gt; * S tj 4) Sh P4 &lt; w 31 S CD 0) hh Ph CO &lt; 3 Ph ? X3 ? to PL, pq S . c3 co X3 - ? O 33 Ph g3 xf ? xf ^ c3 ? c2EcS&lt;cg?w&gt;l^cg co CO .?jco &lt;L&gt; O &amp; i?i CO co W ? ?&gt; O? O? 2 2 55 55 2 si co CO W &amp; t?( 55 W CO CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="48">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 117 (?) (N N - co ^ t^T CO CO CO CO CO 4=I ^ ? 43 ^ ? ^ W H ? s3 ^ .p 8 CO CO CD s ? S ? o -3 w ? S 55 ? ? cj CD co 1=3 y ^ co g ^ "? ^ oT s-T ^ of O &lt; K^S 3 ? ^c* S &lt; ^ 3 K * O ? K * CO ? N CS SB l-H CO 3 w Q h3 41 O w P 41 41 O a ? ? e 3 ?CO t-H 41 3 2 41 41 h3 3 3 o 41 O ? &lt; &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; &lt; &lt; &lt; CO</page><page sequence="49">118 MISCELLANIES VI J3 XI O bo .s ? 3 o CM o CO CO CO o CM ^5. CO CO CM co 5] o CO ft X5 S. . o3 CO CO 03 ^-T CS S S3 w ? hjN Q Pi fa fa ^2 co Jt5 |x^xr Xj O co -g o -S co P t3 ? 2 co 5 g es g M O W h h-j co O o o u &lt; o o o ? PQ o CO !&gt; CO &gt; w w &lt; &lt; Q Q Q</page><page sequence="50">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 119 CO ^-3 co CD Of ?t ST ?&lt; o LO ?&lt; CM cm co co 22. co 43 2 CO t-H o3 03 V ? co o3 c3 . ? ? M ^ CJ ^ &lt;D _? ^ _? a 43 o3 ? S3 43 03 ? $3 03 1 Q 03 &gt; pq fa a o3 *E? CD fa 03 43 cj o3 &lt;*0 &lt;D ?o &lt;o z o o &gt; w &gt; N M ? W 3 Ph Ph $ w w ? CO CO o o o 8 P* www CO CO CO o o o * 8 co W w fa w fa ?5 Q co co &lt;J Q Q &lt; &lt; &lt; &lt; Q Q Q &lt; &lt; CO</page><page sequence="51">120 MISCELLANIES VI O ? o cor cn oT . co ?co i-h od hh ^ Ph cn ?? t-h 1?1 hh . hh -9 .53 cn o * S PQ CnT lO CO co^ CO co^ CO CO CM CO ? CD o3 r-H eo CD ? 03 co .as ? ? ? . O c3 tfi O ? XJ CD ....... o3 ? U ? .... o3 oj o3 ?3 o3 ;zj LIj 03 O o X3 o3 ? - ? J5 P3 85 o3 CD g 03 co X3 a, g CD ? H-3 ? ? $ www ^ ^ H-l H-3 Ph Ph hh &lt;3 &lt; &lt;</page><page sequence="52">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 121 X o pq a ? " H ^ TO ? ? to cS .s - co ?f ^ h-T rj co co . co cd oS co * co ^ ? co co eg hh"cd" o co S cm co cd pq CO CM O ??i lO CD pi ? &amp; pq pq pq -CO? LO LO iO cd CM ^ 00^ ^ W N N ts ^ CO CO CO CM CM" CO iO CM LO 5^ CM 03 ? c x ~ J? 03 CD CD 43 ^ O ^ ^ ^ M X 43 w flj ? h flJ LIj 03 03 ?3 u 2 d O 03 b g 03 03 CO COPh^ 43 5 43 Ph o a, CJ d) S3 CD C3 co o co CD . S3 ^ - -S 43 g 43 2 43 * s ^ s CD o 3 03 o 03 13 CD fa h-3 ^? co o *-3 $3 ^ 3 3 8&gt; CD s 03 w $ $ ? ? &gt; www ^ hh j www j j j - S5 s 1 I?I HH o p 2 o ? ?3 &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; co Q co co</page><page sequence="53">122 MISCELLANIES VI CO 1 O Ph s Ph CD CM CM 50 ~ ??? o CM CO CD CO o CM CO CO co 03 ? ? S S 13 . co ~ ^ ??r w d ? ^ o CD o3 03 03 a 03 CD 03 Jh 1 8 CD n ?5 co Jrt CD y CD C3 ? CD a co f^^rt co^h* 03 U 8-S 7^ X3 X3 813 y a o o $ co 8^ 03 ? G ^2 CD ? CD 03 ? CD U S3 Ph o h-1 w o hh &lt; Q ? &lt; P co Ph P o o w &gt; o ? ? p co co p co co co co P co co</page><page sequence="54">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 123 ? S co J&lt;5&amp; 03 ? CD o 03 C CD O TS 03 43 s ^ a $ W co 55 O 55 O 41 4) W ID s s s I 73 73 Q &lt; 73 73 &lt; Q &lt;:</page><page sequence="55">MISCELLANIES VI co ^ ^ . CO C/5 CM K CO X S o pq x: &lt; ~ X) CO '53 o Ph 00^ 5^ O r-H cd "&gt; o3 Q &amp; ? co co co co co cd cm co X5 o3 S -St? 'S o co *T3 o N Ph co &lt; P4 13 Xh of pH co i-s s 0 2 0 h5 So K co co .a o CJ o3 co s * ? s _r co o3 ? ^o 03 o3 &lt;hQ &lt;u Q o X5 CJ 03 Ju P&lt; 3 * 3 o &lt; &lt; p p o &lt; N co ? s Q w Ch w &lt; &lt; &lt; co Q co co Q</page><page sequence="56">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 125 X! &lt;? ? . -t-&gt; . CM rj&lt; CO CD r-- co ^ o ^ ~ CO ~ h-h I CD M CD ^ .-CM . Tf JO CM 42 2&lt;5J o CO CO ^ in CM O CO CO bo P&gt; CM S CM CO gco pq ?8* pq pq pq pq CD lO lO i cm CO CO ^ CO CO 5^ 43 03 o 42 CJ Q "S3 43 OJD O V 03 ? S - 03 43 4^ O 03 03 -a ' ? ? CJ 03 rti ^ ^ (l) h 0 -rt 1 - 03 43 ?^r&gt; 03 S3 U &lt;L&gt; o3 PA co ? o3 ??i CJ n ^ CJ 4J r! O o 42 ^ 03 ? ^43~^ "35 I7h o3 c$ e$ % co CJ CJ ,_ ,_ w U 2 ^ ? 42 42 a&gt; 03 , 03 &gt;Pq co oq l&gt;&gt; Co Co CJ $3 CO N CJ X3 S3 cj O S3 cj o3 T3 S3 03 u ? co co to W g * S 9 W W ? 55 WWW? N N W W ? I w w w N W Q 55 O O Q 55 W O Q 55 &lt; W &lt; &lt;1 CO CO CO CO CO CO co</page><page sequence="57">MISCELLANIES VI ^ cn cn to en i&gt;. if) pq pq CO pq clcn 0 &gt; vi M 3 CO ? Ph S Ph Ph pq to Ph S pq cn cn CO 1 ? 8 S s 's co" CO C3 O S? CO ? H m S ? cn Ph Ph pq pq o Ph S pq CO CD CO CM CO CM m CM^ co~ CO CM_ co" co CM~ ?4 &lt;u X3 X3 Ph X3 Ph &lt;u co o ?a ^ co 03 P CJ 03 rD ?h co* ^ g , ? u ?hh ? as 2 2 W E? P* &lt;*{ W ^&lt;SC^^Ph to &lt; X5 03 Sh o3 CO CO *t3 ^2 co co u o o o o3 +-? +-&gt; 03 U o o Ch &lt; Ph si 1 o o o o o o CO CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="58">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 127 I* 3 CO ? X 05 CO co* v ? -S 'S ?S o CD CD CO u 43 g O J ? ? ? 55 C3 &lt;U 03 &lt;U *3 pi K pq S3 co CO ? 03 ? to J2 u ^ 1) 1) C3 pq ffi ffi Pi &lt; co cvT 4h" O &lt;? Pi O CO CM tJ&lt; O CO ? o o CO CO C3 i_p ^ ^ 43 &amp; ? O to ? P^ M 03 S-i P3 3 $3 $3 &lt;U CD Jh U O O 3 3 .2 ? ?3 c3 bo 00 O O ? 2 z w ? 3 o o p o p o 2 o 2 I z w o o o &gt;* ? o ? o - - p p CO CO o o co CO CO CO CO &lt; Q co co co</page><page sequence="59">128 MISCELLANIES VI</page><page sequence="60">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 129 So CO c3 ~ r-. co Ht? r: h n s 'S pq pq es cn bo ^ co t^r * 3 pq U HH 03 HH bO . co S 3 d a&gt; ^ cd ?3 5 ~ o &gt; h-3 d w (m EX a S -s x ? ^ "3* 5&gt; c3 o P. s pq o co co co~ o Id* co a PQ v o 03 to* ^ S O bO g Cl !P rD 2 A I.a o3 u &lt;U 03 Jj (L) o ? o3 ? fa CO &lt; no ? .? ^ CJ rD &gt; to 03 P c3 U o3 a ? 03 Pi " si c3 **3 w p P p P 2 a ? CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="61">130 MISCELLANIES VI 3 X bo a N w CO 1-^=2 co" .2 . ? ? CO ? PQ ? ' 42 . co" -?CD pq pq ^00 42 CO CS . IS^CO S&gt; CO ?CO ^ of ^ CM CO OT . CO C R! ? ? ^ CO pq" O O CM co* r^" CT) CO CM^ co" CM ^ a 03 ? 2 03 , 03 ?-S Ja" +-? 03 ?? c/3 Sh CD ^ cv n z; as P ?r ^ ?n 03 ? P-,4h &lt;? ? S 03 03 23 03 V ? ? B ? * 1? U S ? S &lt;S ? 3 43 i?H o 3 03 03 &lt;L&gt; CD o o ^1 Co Q to C3 X Ph o q W O ?000 o o w X ? o p CO co &lt; Q co CO CO</page><page sequence="62">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 131 s ? cn o co en lq iO CM ?&lt; Ph pq ? ? PQ 85? *?? co S c?&gt; ? o cn .-T .cn co ? cn hh CO ?.52 1?i ? ; w n w S O -? pq 2 cm ^co^ cm CD CO ?H co CO CO CO CO _5L CO St3 . &lt;U &lt;L&gt; ? ? ? {/) ? w 2 CO &lt;i hh (? Si 1 ? gs &lt;? f&gt;4 h-J o Oh N T3 c3 P-. T5 &gt; 'a Ph CvJ &gt; Ph ^ SP ft, cq Co Co V ? I: pa o ? 3 8 ? S3 &gt;j O *1 Ph 1 P-i Ph hh ? Ph W Ph N ? P&lt; Ph CO Q CO CO CO Q Q co CO CO CO</page><page sequence="63">132 MISCELLANIES VI 55 ct&gt; co ^ o ? *C ? Ph cm co r?1 cm r&gt;* a od co o . cm ?o o &gt; hh hh ?, ,_ h m pH* Pi mm o cd 52 co 5 - TO co ^ to 3 O co CO CM o ? 03 03 &gt; flj 03 o3 $h a b co P3 V KM T3 03 03 CJ co CJ ^ 03 ^ Sh $5 5h 42 03 43 U to C3 l2 u ? ? V C3 2 ^ffi a 43 03 Sh 03 co ~ CJ 03 CJ 03 03 ?SP* .3 42 03 5 CO Ph 03 cj P-i .8 CJ p* 03 ? o3 co CJ p&lt; O $-4 03 Ph Ph O Ph CO Ph O co w PL, O o o &lt; 41 o PM CO CO o CO CO CO CO</page><page sequence="64">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 133 so &lt;U o CM I "8 ^' N &lt; hh ' ~ t-h N . sph o P^ ? cd 00 ? CM CM co ' co ? Z Z c? CM o co^ CO o CO o &lt;??&lt; r-H ? 2 ? CM CD CO CO CO o CM co" CJ^ CO S EC n 03 o 03 g o3 g 2 &amp; 3 _ l?J hh ? 03 Pi &lt; - o u 03 03 d x o t 6 o3 o3 Sh 3 "o3 ? .?-4 oo 03 r? ^ 03 ? xi &lt;u 3 "2 *&gt; 03 Q 3 O Ph Ph CO c Ph 03 rD h-l ? o P&lt; W g &lt;! O Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph H Ph o Ph O H Ph O Ph O Pk ? Ph ?jr GO 5 O p4 ? Ph Ph q P &lt; &lt;! &lt; CO CO CO Q co co co Q</page><page sequence="65">MISCELLANIES VI X hh CO .22 O 3 o S pa? ri s pq &gt; o 3 o Ph pq PiX pq ? |h &lt;U 3 . er co &lt;u o m cn eo ~ bo . 3 42 o ?5 Ph O M CM t/5 ? i?T??? h h n X - ? co .?co &lt;? CO ?N ? ^ m m m . co o l ~.SS CM 8 &lt; . ? 3 t-Trh CO KA O &gt;&gt;N CM CO 22. 5^ 00 CO CM^ CO CM CM^ CO* J3L 00 T3 ? 03 03 * 6 ?? ? 1 UM ? S S g ^ &lt;L) co ' O 43 ^ ? 4^ 03 S 03 TJ u 3 3 Pi ? 43 O I 03 o 03 &lt;? y 42 03 O &lt;J co a ? p* o J 3 q pq w O Ph co 53 p ? s o Ph Pi W P o Q O P4 CO CO Q co CO CO CO Q co CO</page><page sequence="66">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 135 co ?- co CO CN 43 O o o '2 '2 ? m h-( co ? CO 03 CO &gt; pq 03 03 ,P&lt;&lt; r&gt; DO ? " at u 03 8 8-2 HH 00 P ^ M H 03 .3 HH (/) c? S .a .s * i s a *3 43 'S _, * if pq cq &lt; Q ffi ffi Pi 42 8 03 03 ^ 1 ? 2 a* PP ? &lt;L&gt; 43 n ^ O .S V 5 ^ co co o-. o-. CO o3 s CO O-. W P o 2 Q o W P ? HH P o Pi CO CO CO 1 c3 O I CO CO CO co co Q CO Q CO CO</page><page sequence="67">MISCELLANIES VI o o CO o ? CO 2 . en w go g to c^ of ?S ^ ccj 52 go CM CM ? CO ? o 3 O H -szx o r X ri *s ? to 3 o TO o 00^ o CO CM_ co~ CD CO CD CM CO* t-* o CO ??? CO c?&gt; CO o CM CM O 03 U CJ 2 +-&gt; 03 03 Sh C3 &lt;s a ? 5 W +-&gt; 03 C3 o u 03 5 03 &lt; CO 3 ? 8-8 t3 CO bp IS &lt; u V +-&gt; 00 &lt;L&gt; CO B 2 03 03 CO CO 03 . cS 5h o3 N 03 CO -t~&gt; &amp; *T! o3 CO V CJ1 ? 03 co to Q CO co co &lt; co s CS* &lt; co S4 ? P ? CO At 4 1 3 w d co co B ps* a ? E3 8 &gt; &gt; &lt; d d o o o co co co co co o co CO CO CO CO Q co CO &lt;J Q co co &lt; Q</page><page sequence="68">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 137 CM CN co co ^ 6 6 Ph .2 .a s s ? &gt; a H pa pa ?3 N W co CO CO &lt; co CO ?.9 _T ? &lt;D O CO CO co co T3 . 4h w U ST ? o 03 co o o 03 CO O O 03 CO C&lt;j Co ^o Co co H O O iJ O CO 55 O o o CO CO CO (4 p CO &lt; Q &lt; &lt; CO CO CO co CO K</page><page sequence="69">138 MISCELLANIES VI cn 1 I o ^ o r&gt;? CO CO pa o Oh Oh N cS-g ?? .a ? ? 5 ?S -h h(N N ?CM CM pq "2; CD 00 CO CO ??I -H r~"T P~T &gt;^ 42 ^ S3 43 co T3 to ,-h ~ S -5 'S 43 CO 2 5 ^ 43 ?73* C3 CD *r&lt; *H co &gt; J3 &lt;D 53 c3 42 C3 43 03 ^3 ? 1"&gt; * 45 q ^ ^ ? J^3^ &lt; h^co &lt;^QcoN co ? W? $3 ? O d 43 Q u V 43 CO r?I 4-? o co 43 CJ C3 Pi CJ a co 43 CX3 H4 co CJ CJ CJ CJ 33 X cj CJ H H to CJ &gt; CJ .3 ctf "o cj &lt;u &gt; -a w 41 4J w H H o ? H * &gt; p* &lt; o p4 H H 41 &lt; H H &gt; &gt; d 3 co ? 2 s ? 2 &lt; &lt; &gt; &gt; &gt; co co co &lt; Q co co Q Q Q &lt;! co co co &lt; &lt; Q Q A</page><page sequence="70">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 139 03 CO .3 "in O 03 03 ? n ? boxl &lt; W Pi m : t5 nd ! of u 03 a S ? CO ? of 03 * a CO y O S3 03 ? 03 ? _Q ^ ^ &lt;u &lt; Ph ? &gt; O a 03 &gt; r-?( 13 &lt;l) n &gt; o o &gt; o &gt; &lt; &lt; e ? 55 &gt;&gt; pa a* 3 O &lt; Q m Q m m Q</page><page sequence="71">140 MISCELLANIES VI KEY TO REFERENCES AND ABBREVIATIONS Parishes Each name in the lists has a parish number and a folio number, e.g., Adolphe, Jacob 14/5, which means parish no. 14, i.e., St. Andrew Undershaft, folio no. 5. The key to the parish numbers is given below. Within the Walls 1. Allhallows Barking 2. Allhallows Bread Street 3. Allhallows the Great 5. Allhallows the Less 7. Allhallows London Wall 11. St. Alban Wood Street 14. St. Andrew Undershaft 16. St. Ann Aldersgate 17. St. Ann Blackfriars 19. St. Augustine 21. St. Benet Fenchurch 28. St. Dionis Backchurch 29. St. Dunstan in the East 31. St. Ethelburga 32. St. Faith under St. Paul 33. St. Gabriel Fenchurch 36. St. Helen 37. St. James Duke's Place 42. St. Katherine Goleman 43. St. Katherine Greechurch 45. St. Laurence Pountney 46. St. Leonard Eastcheap 47. St. Leonard Foster 49. St. Margaret Lothbury 51. St. Margaret New Fish Street 54. St. Martin Ludgate 60. St. Mary Aldermary 72. St. Matthew Friday Street 75. St. Michael Crooked Lane 76. St. Michael Queenhithe Without the Walls 98. St. Andrew Holborn 99. St. Bartholomew the Great 101. St. Botolph without Aldersgate 102. St. Botolph without Aldgate 103. St. Botolph without Bishopsgate 107. St. Giles without Cripplegate 108. St. Olave Southwark 109. St. Sepulchre 110. Whitefriars Precinct Other Abbreviations apprent . . apprentice s bach . . bachelor serv d .. daughter ss daus . . daughters u.d eld. son .. eldest son w gent . . gentleman wid manser .. manservant wr maidser . . maidservant y. son ?600 .. property owner with more than ?600 capital 25 .. refers to the age and relates to the tax payable by all bachelors over that age A before name . . Ashkenazi DA before name .. Doubtful Ashkenazi DS before name .. Doubtful Sephardi S before name .. Sephardi son servant sons unmarried daughter wife widow widower younger son Sources of Reference BMR. I .. BMR. II DH. de G. L. D. Barnett, Bevis Marks Records, I, London, 1940. L. D. Barnett (ed.), Bevis Marks Records, II, London, 1949. D. H. de Castro, De Synagogue der Portugiesisch-Israelitische Gemeente Amsterdam, 1675-1875, Hague, 1875, List I, Married Members of the Congregation, List II, Unmarried ditto.</page><page sequence="72">CENSUS LISTS OF 1695 Direc. 1677 .. The London Directory of 1677, London, 1878. Gast. .. .. M. Gaster, History of the Ancient Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, London, 1901. H.S. .. .. W. A. Shaw, Letters of Denizations and Acts of Naturalisation for Aliens 1603-1700, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, vol. xviii, 1922. Misc. .. .. Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Notabs. .. .. Anglo-Jewish Notabilities, Their Arms and Testamentary Dispositions, pub? lished by the Jewish Historical Society of England, London, 1949. Trans. .. .. Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Wolf .. .. L. Wolf, Essays in Jewish History, London, 1934.</page></plain_text>

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