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Two upcoming events of interest to JHSE members

Dear members,

I have just received the Eventbrite link to a very interesting event at Queen Mary University of London, my University. It is this year's Peter Hennessy and it could not be more timely.

On Friday 8 March, at 6:30pm, Professor Simon Schama will be speaking on the title: "Bad Chaps, Jews and the Failures of British Decency: Antisemitism in Historical Perspective".

The event is free and followed by a reception. Do sign up here, and fast:

Another interesting event which JHSE has co-organised with Jewish Book week is on 3 March 2024, at 11am, at King's Place, where I shall be joining Simon Schama and others in answering the question: What is Jewish History For?

Best wishes, from your President, Miri Rubin

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