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A New Year....

Dear member of the JHSE,

I wish all of you and yours health and fulfillment in 2023.

The last year has been a trying one, with so much uncertainty in the UK, and violence abroad. Or world is interconnected - our families, friends and colleagues often spread across the globe - and never more so since we participate in so many activities at a click of the zoom icon. So we cannot remain aloof of that is happening elsewhere, nor should we.

2023 marks the 130th anniversary of the JHSE, the world's oldest society dedicated to the study and appreciation of Jewish History. The Board of Trustees is planning activities to mark the event and we will post the information on the website and in my newsletters. The events begin on 18 January 2023, at 4.30pm with a session organised by our New Generation Group, and which you are all welcome to join with this link:

I also wanted to tell you about some interesting new opportunities for those interested in Jewish history. Late last year a film was released by Curzon Film, a reworking of some footage of Jewish life in a Polish town. It has been reworked and researched, available in some cinemas but also online. A unique occasion to view a world so full of life that was about to be destroyed. Here are the details:

And it is not too soon to check the rich programme of the Jewish Book Week 2023:

I shall have the pleasure of be chairing a talk by Rebecca Abrams about her book on Licoricia of Winchester on Sunday, 26 February 2023.

Best wishes, Miri Rubin

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