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Lectures, walks, workshops, our journal and more.

JHSE membership offers you an array of lectures, walks, book launches, workshops, publications, and access to awards. It connects you with others interested in Jewish History in its many forms.

The Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE) brings together those of us interested in history: in our communities, as readers, as academic researchers, or as teachers. For over a century, the JHSE has invited historians to deliver lectures to its members, and during the Covid era, these successfully moved online, bringing us interest and some sociability during difficult times. That is when we also created the vibrant group of emergent historians - the New Generation Group - to promote the next generation of scholars and teachers. We are also proud of our journal, with its innovative and excellent research that now spans the history of Jews in all English-speaking lands. All our Trustees volunteer their time and expertise, and we welcome ideas and other contributions from our members. Another avenue for activity is through our branches, where members combine in their regions for local activities. The JHSE is the sum of its members, so if you are interested in Jewish history, you can play a part, just as others have done in the past for [coming up to 130 years] more than 125 years. So join today, or invite a friend to join, or even gift a membership to a friend or relative. Be part of the story of Jewish history!


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