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Jewish Populations and Identities in the 21st Century

IJS Annual Thea Zucker Memorial Lecture in partnership with BFHU

When: Wednesday March 30th 7pm BST (London)

Speaker: Sergio della Pergola. Professor Emeritus of Population Studies at the Hebrew University’s Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Jews in history have known moments of great tragedy and fear, and times of relative stability and welfare. Today, objectively, the situation leans to fair, with most Jews in the world away from neediness, a strong Jewish sovereign state, and civil rights ensured to Jews in democratic countries where most of them live. Today’s world Jewish population of over 15 million is dispersed in Israel and across the five continents. We wish to better understand what are the factors of Jewish population growth, stability or decline in the various countries and regions of the world. Moreover, Jewish identity in the UK, in Europe and worldwide is usually represented on a linear continuum, from strongest to weakest. The configuration of Jewish identity is much more complex and interesting. We will try to elucidate some of the main dimensions and trends within the overall Jewish identificational cluster. This lecture is given in memory of Thea Zucker z”l, a devoted supporter of the Belgian Friends of the Hebrew University and through her work as a University Governor and Honorary Fellow. This event is supported by her grandson, Marc Iarchy (London)

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