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An exhibition of interest, and more...

Dear Members of the JHSE,

It is not quite time for my monthly message, but there were some items to share with you, and here they are:

The Museum of London Docklands has just opened an exhibition on the history of executions in London. This is an historically arranged display, and it includes a chapter about the execution of many Jews - alongside Christians - on suspicion of coin-clipping under the reign of Edward I. As many of you know, over the thirteenth century Jews' occupational options in England were curtailed, yet many remained moneylenders with occasional stocks of coin. Hence they were vulnerable to accusations of offences against coinage, such as coin-clipping. I have not visited the exhibition yet, but intend to do so. The Museum has many other interesting permanent exhibits too related to the role of the London Docklands in global trade, and in the transatlantic slave trade too.

On 17 November 2022 we enjoyed listening to Professor Todd Endelman's lucid and engaging presentation of the themes of his new book The Last Anglo-Jewish Gentleman. We next look forward to hearing Dr Emily Rose on 15 December 2002, speaking about the background to the tragic events of 1255 in Lincoln where the disappearance of a little boy, Hugh, caused a century-old accusation of child murdered to be leveled against the Jews of the city. Do join us and sign up at

There are, of course, several other interesting events - online and in hybrid format - organised by our branches.

And several of us will be meeting on Monday 28 November 2022 at 6,30 on the Queen Mary University of London Campus to celebrate the publication of a volume co-produced by the London Record Society and the JHSE. This is a volume of translations from Russian of journalism about the East End, 1896-1914. The event includes a panel with presentations about the volume by the translator and other experts, and a reception to follow. It is now sold out, but if you are very keen to come, please email me - - and I shall try and help you gain a space.

Enjoy reading, listening to, and watching history as the evenings get longer.

Wishing you all the best.

Miri Rubin

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