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Synagogue Window Mosaic

The Israel Branch of the Jewish Historical Society of England has been meeting in Central Jerusalem for many years. Before the Covid pandemic it held nine public meetings a year with a variety of local speakers or guest lecturers, usually from the United Kingdom, in Israel for a brief visit. Popular speakers have included figures well known to members in Britain, including Stefan Reif and Elkan Levy, now based in Israel, while Yanky Fachler has been a frequent visitor during family visits. The branch produced The Jewish Emigrant from Britain 1700-2000: Essays in Memory of LLoyd P Gartner in 2013 with our branch chairman Gabriel Sivan as editor. Lloyd P Gartner was the previous branch chairman and was the author of the groundbreaking The Jewish Immigrant in England 1870-1914. A further volume is due to be published by August 2022 entitled Out of Zion: An Anthology of Papers first delivered at the Israel Branch of the Jewish Historical Society of England and edited by Gabriel Sivan and Kenneth Collins. For the past two years meetings have been held on ZOOM and this is likely to continue during the 2022-2023 session though we hope to be able to offer a hybrid system in the future with both ZOOM and a live audience. Visitors to Israel are always welcome, either as speakers or as attendees at our meetings and should contact in advance of their visits. We have also been pleased to welcome participants from outside Israel through ZOOM. The branch has been financially self-supporting through the contributions of those attending our meetings though the cost of hybrid meetings, if they become a regular feature, may make financial self-sufficiency more challenging.

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