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In Memoriam Ruth Lehmann

Aron Prys

<plain_text><page sequence="1">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, 1930-2002 Ruth Pauline Lehmann, born in Altona (near Hamburg) in 1930, emigrated to England in 1939, was appointed Assistant Librarian at Jews' College in 1948 and in 1954 became its first Chartered Librarian and Acting Librarian. She was promoted to Chief Librarian in 1955, received a Special Diploma in Hebrew Palaeography and Epigraphy at SOAS in 1956 and in 1964 was elected a Fellow of the Library Association. In 1973, after twenty five years at the College, during which time, according to Ezra Kahn, the present Librarian, she 'put the Library on a proper footing and introduced scientific methods of librarianship', she moved to Jerusalem on her mar? riage to Josef Goldschmidt, a Member of Knesset, and thereafter published under her married name Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann. She is remem? bered for exemplifying her own definition of her profession (in an article on 'Librarianship', no. A24): 'Librarianship is the art of knowing where infor? mation may be found and the practice of making it available, in one form or another, for the use of those who need it'. She was active in numerous com? munal and professional organizations, besides this Society. Three of her six bibliographical works cover Anglo-Jewry in general (see A13, A26, and A38), one is on Montefioreana (Bn), another on Anglo Jewish medical biography (A36) and a last on Britain and the Holy Land (A39). Her Anglo-Jewish trilogy and the book on Britain and the Holy Land were published by the Society, the first of them 'in response to a request by the Jewish Historical Society to bring up to date Dr Cecil Roth's Magna Bibliothec a Anglo-Judaic a published in 1937'. 1</page><page sequence="2">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann Bibliography of the published works of Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann A: Works in English 1955 1) Jews' College, London. Centenary celebration, 1855-1955. Catalogue of an exhibition of books by members of the academic staff and alumni at the Jews' College Library, November 20-4 [1955]. London: Jews' College, 1955, 15 pp. 1957 2) Publishing in modern Israel. London: Torah Va'Avodah Organisation, 1957. In Hadoar, no. 135, pp. 15-18. 3) Moving 60,000 books. London 1957. In The Jewish Chronicle, Friday 18 October, no. 4617, p. 10. 1958 4) The new library of Jews' College. London: The Library Association, 1958. In The Library Association Record, vol. LX, no. 5, pp. 155-7, ills. 5) Jewish books in English published outside the U.S.A., 1957-1958. New York: Jewish Book Council of America, 1958. In Jewish Book Annual, vol. XVI, pp. 181-90. 6) Hebrew texts. London: Soncino Press, 1958. In Isidore Epstein. Step by Step in the Jewish Religion, pp. 137-43. 'Hebrew Texts', the last part of'Step by Step in the Jewish Religion', was anonymously compiled by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, according to her notes. 1959 7) Jews' College Library. London: Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, March 1959. In Bulletin of the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, no. 8, pp. 7-10. Duplicated. 8) Anglo-Jewish Books, 1958-1959. New York: Jewish Book Council of America, 1959. ///Jewish Book Annual, vol. XVII, pp. 158-68. 2</page><page sequence="3">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 9) Anglo-Jewish publications, 1958. London 1959. ///Jewish Review, vol. XII, no. 320, p. 2. 1960 10) Jews' College Library Centenary Volume, 1860-1960. London: Jews' College, i960, [IV], 26, [XII] pp., ills, frontis. Contains a 'History of Jews' College Library, 1860-1960' by Ruth P. Lehmann, pp. 1-9 and a 'Select bibliography of the works of past and present staff and students of Jews' College', compiled by the librarian, Miss R. P. Lehmann, with the assistance of the library assistant, Mrs. S. Alpern, pp. 10-26. 11) Anglo-Jewish Books, 1959-1960. New York: Jewish Book Council of America, i960. ///Jewish Book Annual, vol. XVIII, pp. 209-18. 12) Jewish Book Week Exhibition 1960-5720. Catalogue of selected books and booklets on the Dead Sea Scrolls. London: Jewish Memorial Council, i960, III, 13, [2] pp. (Jews' College Library Centenary Volume.) Duplicated. 1961 13) Nova Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica: a bibliographical guide to Anglo Jewish history, 1937-1960. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1961, XI, 232 pp. Includes index. 1962 14) Greetings. London 1962. In Hendon Synagogue Magazine, October 1962, vol. X, no. 1, p. 7. 1963 15) The writings of Isidore Epstein: a select bibliography. In Rabbi Dr. Isidore Epstein, 1894-1962: a memorial tribute. London: Jews' College Union Society, [s.a.], pp. 15-18. Published in 1963, according to notes of Ruth P. Goldschmidt Lehmann. 16) Jews' College Library. London 1963. ///Jews' College Newsletter, 1963, vol. III. 3</page><page sequence="4">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 17) Understanding the Horeb. A lecture given by Dayan Ifsidor] Grunfeld. Reported by Ruth P. Lehmann, Dip.O.A.S., F.L.A. London 1963. ///Jewish Review, 1963, vol. XIV, no. 425, pp. 8-9. 1964 18) 2,000 years of Rhineland Jewry: Monumenta Judaica. [Exhibition at the City Museum of Cologne.] London 1964. ///Jewish Review, 1964, vol. XV, no. 449, p. 14. 1966 19) Anglo-Jewish Hagadot: a bibliography. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1966. In Remember the Days: essays on Anglo Jewish history presented to Cecil Roth, edited by John M. Shaftesley, PP-333-50 1967 20) Jews' College Library: a history. [Second revised edition.] London: Jews' College, 1967, 24 pp., ills, facs. 1968 21) Rabbi Dr. Isidore Epstein, B.A., Ph.D., D.Lit., 1894-1962: an appreci? ation. By Cecil Roth. With a bibliography of his published works by Ruth P. Lehmann. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1968. In Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, vol. XXI, pp. 327-36. The appreciation can be found on pages 327-8 and the bibliography on pages 328-36. 1970 22) [Obituary of] Mr. Justin I. Oettinger. London 1970. ///Jewish Tribune, Friday 4 September 1970, no. 206, p. 2. This unsigned obituary was written by Ruth P. Goldschmidt Lehmann, according to her notes. 1971 23) The Rabbinate of the Great Synagogue, London, from 1756-1842. By Charles Duschinsky. With a new bibliographical note by Ruth P. Lehmann. [Farnborough]: Gregg International Publishers, 1971, [III], VIII, 305 pp. The original edition was published in London 1921, VIII, 305 pp. 4</page><page sequence="5">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 24) Librarianship. London 1971. In Mi-Shonoh le-Shonoh. Yearbook of the Golders Green Beth Hamedrash Congregation 5732, pp. 33-4. 1972 25) Abbreviations. Jerusalem: Keter, 1972. In Encyclopaedia Judaica, vol. 2, cols 46-52. [Other shorter articles by her also appeared in the Encyclopaedia Judaica.] 1973 26) Anglo-Jewish Bibliography, 1937-1970. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1973, XI, 364 pp. Includes index. 1975 27) Hermann Adler, born Hanover 30 May 1839, died London 18 July 1911, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire, 1891-1911: a bibliography of his published works. Jerusalem: Hebrew University, 1975. In Studies in the Cultural Life of the Jews in England, pp. 101-50, [III]. (Folklore Research Center Studies; vol. V, edited by Dov Noy and Issachar Ben-Ami.) 28) The Temple Mount: its size and area [English summary]. Jerusalem: Jerusalem Municipality, 1975. 1976 29) Shmuel Safrai. Jerusalem as the Centre of Jewry at the end of the Second Commonwealth. [Translated from Hebrew.] Jerusalem: Jerusalem Municipality, 1976. In Jerusalem Quiz 5736/1976, pp. 3-15. 1977 30) Jerusalem, the eternal bond: an unbroken link with the Jewish people, edited by Ruth Charif and Simcha Raz. [Translated into English by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann.] Tel Aviv: Don, [1977], 96 pp., ills. Includes bibliographical references. 31) The Temple Mount: its size and area [English summary]. Second edi? tion. Jerusalem: Jerusalem Municipality, 1977. 5</page><page sequence="6">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 1981 32) The Second (Herodian) Temple: selected bibliography. Jerusalem 1981. ///Jerusalem Cathedra; Studies in the History, Archaeology, Geography and Ethnography of the Land of Israel, vol. 1, pp. 336-57. 1982 33) Jerusalem in First Temple Times: selected bibliography. Jerusalem 1982. ///Jerusalem Cathedra; Studies in the History, Archaeology, Geography and Ethnography of the Land of Israel, vol. 2, pp. 328-51. 34) Nathan Marcus Adler: a bibliography. Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press, 1982. In Studies in Judaica, Karaitica and Islamica, presented to Leon Nemoy on his eightieth birthday, edited by Sheldon Brunswick, pp. 207-61. 1986 35) Bibliography of the published works of Immanuel Jakobovits. London: Jews' College, 1986. In Tradition and Transition: essays presented to Chief Rabbi Sir Immanuel Jakobovits to celebrate twenty years in office, edited by Jonathan Sacks, pp. 9-70. 1987 36) English medical Judaica. Jerusalem: Israel Institute of the History of Medicine, 1987. In Koroth, a Journal devoted to the history of medi? cine and science. Vol. 9, no. 5-6, p. 535. 1988 37) A Bibliography of Anglo-Jewish medical biography. Jerusalem: Koroth, 1988, XX, 108 pp. (Koroth, a Journal devoted to the History of Medicine and Science; vol. 9, supplement). Includes index. 1992 38) Anglo-Jewish Bibliography, 1971-1990. Compiled by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, edited and augmented by Stephen W. Massil and Peter Shmuel Salinger. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1992, [XI], 377 pp. Includes index. 6</page><page sequence="7">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 1995 39) Britain and the Holy Land, 1800-1914: a select bibliography. London: Jewish Historical Society of England, 1995, [XII], 168 pp. Includes index. 40) Bibliography [of Isidore Epstein's works]. ///Jewish faith in action: selected writings of Isidore Epstein, edited by Philip Ginsbury. [London: Jews' College Publications, 1995], pp. 3-23. 'The original bibliography of Dr. Epstein's work appeared in the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, vol. XXI, pages 328-36 [see supra A21]. It has been revised and updated by the author Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, F.L.A.' 1996 41) Rabbi Dr. Hirsch Jacob Zimmels (1900-1974): bibliography. In A trib? ute to Bernard [Goldblum] on his 70th birthday. [Jerusalem] 1996, pp. 27-32. 1998 42) Erinnerungen einer Altonaerin, 1866-1946. Von Dora Lehmann [grandmother of Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann]. [Compiled by Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann according to information provided by her sister Mrs Leonore Royde, Manchester and Mr Abraham Schischa, London.] Herausgegeben vom Joseph Carlebach Institut. Hamburg: D?lling und Galitz, 1998, 156 pp., ills. Includes index and bibliography. B: Works in Hebrew 1958-n"nwi .mioan to rrtrn p^rra /'mrimi onraa ,nnn ido"^ .r\wr\ to irrasn rrfr (1 .Norman Henry Snaith *P to pD3 ]VV2 71X171 London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1958, pp. [i363]-i366. The anonymous compiler was Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann, according to her notes. 1976-Tfnwn vnn .T"tom rnum u*wrv .ntonn mtrm npnrrm npnrnn to o^joik (3 .13-3 '?37 rnmn ,tm? td ,MniK3TO"wfri TPD-wtotf? ?mrao1? to nro yrnp1? 7</page><page sequence="8">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 1976- T"ton v"n .T"ton \\wn n*wrv .rfrmn n^onan npnrrm np^-nn to d'doik (3 .13-3 'ay ,'x mmn ,t"? tid ^jmarantf?! rpDnxpta'tf? /raiDO1? ny nro ;xnp*7 1977- T"tofl ;minpnn .r"ton d*?toiT .'nnan-pio zranp ncoD-vn [to] n^-m^rra" (4 .221-205 'ay ,4 td ,Mn:rram ^irran-p? nrtnri? 1979-tD"ton ^ mnm rpD-m^rrn:(1799-1517) n"M"m mxan rrnm D'torp (5 irwin d'torv nnVira dvis'^ .?"ton ^ax-p prop r iD'tow .(dwq .453-435 'ay ,pD rnaa :yw "mm'n\m nDipnn r :o'tow .(1518-638) D"ian w d*toiT to rrnVirf? rnnm nnnirtM (6 ,mp ram :rny ?"D^rnn-wn D'tow nrfrira oy?":* .?"ton ^ns-p pnr .286-279 'ay -px nrfrin1? ;nTrnpw3 .?"ton d*?torp .mnm rrD-m^m pmyan ^iran (7 .225-207 'ay ,12 -pa ,wnawn ^kw 1980-D"twi .d"trm trtoiT .rnrm a'Dnxpftra: 1980-1860 ,rrermn tftorra ntnrwn (8 .240-205 'ay ,15 to ,"mu2m *7*cw-pK nrfnrf? ;rrrrnpM3 imainn p rwr*? 7y ivs-nirwa o*torpn3 .mrm msn^rrn imyan ^rran (9 -255 'ay ,n"wn ,'ns-p pmr r rD'torv ."'ax -p pmr v nsoa onasa nnaa nxn) 225-207 'ay ,12 *pa ,"naw*n ^nw-pK nvfrm1? ;nTrnpMa own] .273 [.(6 foa Vtf? 1984-T"&amp;vn nor 'i to iiwaa nirm nun ^p^n .uvinrtm ?ior 'ana to rrs-urtro (10 Ttprm - ntnnm TU'nn nwa rD'to'iT [&gt;tnoi to nny] ."V't BTaiznVa ?Cnin rnian n^nso) .31-13 'ay ,7"awn ,'mn 1984- n"fct&amp;n Tiaan ,o^toiT aawa ra^torr .nwrrta'a :1885-1774 /nwtma mra (11 .'ay XVIII ,166,11 ,n"aum ,nitam tido nrrrr numa npn^ .(1 'oa yira-ui^a rmo) Added English title page, list of contents and introduction. English title: Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., F.R.S., 1784-1885: a bibliography. Includes indexes and two portraits of Moses Montefiore as frontispieces 8</page><page sequence="9">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann C: Book Reviews 1960 1) S[halom] Adler-Rudel. Ostjuden in Deutschland, 1880-1940; zugleich eine Geschichte der Organisationen die sie betreuten. T?bingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1959. (Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany; no. 1.) In The Jewish Journal of Sociology, vol. II, no. 2, pp. 260-2. 1963 2) Harry Mfordecai] Rabinowicz. The Jewish literary treasures of England and America. New York; London; Toronto: Thomas Yoseloff, [1962]. In Hamoreh, November 1963, pp. 10-n. 1968 3) Abraham Yaari. Ha-Defus ha-'Ivri be-Kusht'a: Toldoth ha-Defus ha 'Ivri be-Kusht'a me-R'eishitho 'ad Perotz Milchemeth ha-'Olam ha Sheniah we-Reshimath ha-Sefarim she-Nidpesu bah. [Hebrew printing at Constantinople: its history and bibliography.] Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1967. (Supplement to Kirjath Sepher, vol. XLII.) ///Journal of Jewish Studies, 1968, vol. XIX, nos 1-4, pp. 83-5. 1972 4) Charles Berlin, ed. Index to Festschriften in Jewish Studies. Mass., Harvard College Library and New York Ktav Publishing House, 1971. In Studia Rosenthaliana, July 1972, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 266. 1976 5) Breslau 1941: diaries of Dr Willy Cohn. [Original German Title: Als Jude in Breslau - 1941: aus den Tageb?chern von Studienrat a.D. Dr. Willy Israel Cohn. Herausgegeben von Joseph Walk. Jerusalem 1975.] In AJR Information, April 1976, vol. XXXI, no. 4, p. 5. 1978 6) Hinukho shel ha-yeled ha-Yehudi be-Germaniah ha-Natsit: ha-hok u bitsu'o. [The education of the Jewish child in Nazi Germany: the law and its implementation.] Jerusalem: Yad Vashem and Leo Baeck Institute, 1975. /w Jewish Social Studies, Spring 1978, vol. XL, no. 2, pp. 180-1. 9</page><page sequence="10">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 1987 7) Mordechai Breuer. J?dische Orthodoxie im Deutschen Reich, 1871 1918: die Sozialgeschichte einer religi?sen Minderheit. Frankfurt am Main: J?discher Verlag bei Athen?um, 1986. In Jewish Social Studies, Spring 1987, vol. IL, no. 2, pp. 182-4. 1988 8) Miriam Gillis-Carlebach. From heder to computer: a hundred years of teaching Hebrew reading in Israel. Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University, 1987. In Le'ela, April 1988, no. 25, p. 60. 1992 9) R[ichard] D[avid] Barnett etc., eds. The circumcision register of Isaac and Abraham de Paiba (1715-1775). London: Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation and the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1991. In Studia Rosenthaliana, 1992, vol. XXIX, no.i / 2, pp. 226-7. 10) Shimon Simpson and Miriam Gillis-Carlebach. Reading and learning disabilities associated with the Hebrew language. London: Freund Publishing House, 1991. In Le'ela, September 1992, no. 34, p. 62. 1994 11) Miriam Gillis-Carlebach. Jedes Kind ist mein einziges: Lotte Carlebach-Preuss, Antlitz einer Mutter und Rabbiner-Frau. Hamburg: D?lling und Galitz, 1992. In Le'ela, March 1994, no. 37, pp. 53-4 1995 12) David S. Katz and Yosef Kaplan, eds. Girush veshivah: Yehudei Angliyyah Bechillufei Hazemanim - Exile and return: Anglo-Jewry through the ages. Jerusalem: Zalman Shazar Centre for Jewish History, 1993. In Le'ela, April 1995, no. 39, p. 53. 13) Ismar Elbogen. Jewish liturgy: a comprehensive history. Translated by Raymond P. Scheindlin. Jerusalem and Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society; New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1993. In Le'ela, April 1995, no. 39, pp. 59-60. 14) David S. Katz. The Jews in the history of England 1485-1850. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994. In Le'ela, September 1995, no. 40, p. 55. 10</page><page sequence="11">In Memoriam Ruth P. Goldschmidt-Lehmann 1996 15) Sugiyot be-Mishnat ha-Chemed. Jerusalem: Israeli Ministry of Education, 1995. In Le'ela, March 1996, no. 41, p. 60. 16) Arye Maimon et al. Germania Judaica III/2. T?bingen: Paul Siebeck, 1995. In Le'ela, March 1996, no. 41, p. 60. 17) Miriam Gillis-Carlebach and Wolfgang Gr?nberg, eds. 'Den Himmel zu pflanzen und die Erde zu gr?nden' (Jesaja 51, 16): Die Joseph Carlebach Konferenzen. Hamburg: D?lling und Galitz, 1995. (Publications of the Joseph Carlebach Institute.) In Le'ela, September 1996, no. 42, pp. 51-2. 18) Hamburger j?dische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus: Gedenkbuch. Hamburg: Staatsarchiv, 1995. In Le'ela, September 1996, no. 42, pp. 58-9. 1997 19) Ina Lorenz and Jorg Berkemann. Streitfall j?discher Friedhof Ottensen. Hamburg: D?lling und Galitz, 1995. In Le'ela, April 1997, no. 43&gt;P-45 20) Building Jerusalem: Jewish architecture in Britain. Edited and intro? duced by Sharman Kadish. London: Vallentine Mitchell, 1996. In Le'ela, October 1997, no. 44, p. 48. 1999 21) Rachel Heuberger. Bibliothek des Judentums: die Hebraica- und Judaica-Sammlung der Stadt- und Universit?tsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main - Entstehung, Geschichte und heutige Aufgaben. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1996. In Le'ela, April 1999, no. 47, pp. 67-8. Awn Prys 11</page></plain_text>

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