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<plain_text><page sequence="1">151 JEWISH EM HISTORICAL 3=3=2 STUDIES Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England</page><page sequence="2">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England MICHAEL BERKOWITZ, Editor University College London JEREMY SCHONFIELD, Contributing Editor Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies Editorial Board: Nathan Abrams Tony Kushner University of Wales-Bangor University of Southampton Geoffrey Cantor Philippa Levine University of Leeds and University of Texas University College London David Cesarani Royal Holloway, University of London Todd Endelman University of Michigan David Feldman B irk beck, University of London Steven Fine Yeshiva University Malachi Hacohc Duke University Anne Kershen Queen Mary, University of London Rebecca Kobrin Columbia University Ross McKibbin David Cesarani University of Oxford Miri Rubin Todd Endelman Queen Mary, University of London David Ruderman David Feldman University of Pennsylvania Judith Schlanger Steven Fine École Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne Daniel Soyer Malachi Hacohen Fordham University Susan Tananbaum Anne Kershen Bowdoin College Bill Williams Rebecca Kobrin University of Manchester</page><page sequence="3">Society officers and council (after Annual General Meeting of 21 November 2013) President: Dr PIET VAN BOXEL Honorary Treasurer: Dr ALAN SWARC Council: Professor Philip Alexander Rabbi Professor Nicholas de Lange Professor Michael Berkowitz Sheila Lassman Professor Geoffrey Cantor Arnold S. Lewis Professor David Cesarani, obe David Mazower Bryan Diamond Dr Cesar Marchan-Hamann Ann Ebner, JP Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert Godfrey Gould Marcus Roberts Jeffrey Greenwood Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, mbe Nigel Grizzard Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon Gabriel Herman Dr Bernard Spencer David Jacobs Dr Madelyn Travis Dr Michael Jolles Charles Tucker Professor Tony Kushner Vice-Presidents: Professor Michael Alpert Dr Gerry Black Dr Paul Brand Malcolm Brown Joe Hii.laby Dr Anthony Joseph Raphael Langham Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy, obe Stephen Massil Professor Aubrey Newman Professor Stefan C. Reif Professor William Rubinstein Edgar Samuel Professor Bernard Wasserstein Executive Committee: David Jacobs (Chairman) Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert Professor Michael Berkowitz Dr Alan Swarc Gabriel Herman</page><page sequence="4"></page><page sequence="5">JEWISH HISTORICAL STUDIES TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND VOLUME 45 EDITED BY MICHAEL BERKOWITZ THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 2013</page><page sequence="6">The Society as a body is not responsible for statements made or opinions expressed by contributors to this volume. © The Jewish Historical Society of England 33 Seymour Place, London wih 5AP ISBN 978-0-902528-47-5 Printed in Great Britain by T.J. Internationaal, Padstow, Cornwall</page><page sequence="7">Contents List of Illustrations vii Preface ix The Jewish "Circumcision Scandal" in Edwardian Britain i DANIEL APPLEBY Glasgow's "Department of Psycho-Semitics", 1940-60: the Jewish thought of Joseph Schorstein and Karl Abenheimer 23 KENNETH COLLINS "The Messiah promised in the Sacred Scripture came a long time ago": the Cambridge Platonists' attitudes towards the readmission of the Jews, 1655-56 41 MARILYN A. LEWIS Robert of Leicester's treatise on the Hebrew computus and the study of Jewish knowledge in medieval England 63 C. PHILIPP E. NOTHAFT The significance of Meier Leon's Yigdal melody as a link between Jewish and Christian hymnody in eighteenth-century London 79 ALEXANDER KNAPP The Wartime "Special Relationship", 1941-45: Isaiah Berlin, Freya Stark and Mandate Palestine 103 SIMON ALBERT An excerpt from Gerry Black, The Right School in the Right Place: The History of the Stepney Jewish School, 1864—2013 131 Gerry Black's Jewish CV 145 REVIEW Jews and Jewishness in British Children's Literature (2013) by Madelyn J. Travis 151 FELICITY GRIFFITHS</page><page sequence="8">Contents RESEARCH NOTES The founding fathers of the Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE): a tribute JOE HILLABY The. Jewish Journal of Sociology: a brief history and prospectus GEOFFREY ALDERMAN AND KEITH KAHN-HARRIS Marriages at the Nidhe Yisrael synagogue, Bridgetown, Barbados EDGAR SAMUEL Some Portuguese refugees of 1728 and 1730 MIRIAM RODRIGUES-PEREIRA IN MEMORIAM Leon Yudkin SETH L. WOLITZ Alfred Dunitz MICHAEL JOLLES Barrie Dobson JOE HILLABY Contributors to this volume Notes on submissions Branches of the Society VI</page><page sequence="9"></page><page sequence="10"></page><page sequence="11"></page><page sequence="12"></page><page sequence="13"></page><page sequence="14"></page><page sequence="15"></page><page sequence="16"></page></plain_text>

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