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Book Notes: Aliens Certificates in the Public Record Office - Polonica (1826-1852), Mieczyslaw Paszkiewicz

E. R. Samuel

<plain_text><page sequence="1">ALIENS CERTIFICATES 'Aliens Certificates in the Public Record Office ?Polonica (1826-1852)', by Mieczyslaw Paszkiewicz, in Antemurale XIX (Rome, 1975). In 1826 Parliament enacted that all aliens residing in the United Kingdom or arriving after that date should be registered. This led to the issue of Certificates to aliens entering the country at the principal ports and duplicates were deposited at the Home Office. The ad? ministrative procedure functioned imperfectly and many immigrants were not recorded, but useful data was noted concerning those who were. Mr. Paszkiewicz has extracted the names and details taken on arrival of nearly 3,000 Poles who entered Britain between 1826 and 1852 and included among them are a great many Jews, including one of the reviewer's great-great-great-uncles. The register has been prepared with careful attention to detail and is a most useful discovery. As a by-product of its main purpose, it provides a new source for the study of Jewish immigration to England in the early nineteenth century. E. R. Samuel</page></plain_text>

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